Attending a Gluten-Free Baking Class

gluten free blueberry muffin with butter |

While blogging and getting to know the gluten free community, I have discovered something about myself. I’m not the greatest baker in the world. Give me time, and I’ll get it, hopefully. But, if it’s not super simple (or even if it is) it takes me a few tries. If you read my attempt at gluten/dairy free puffed pastry, you will understand what I am talking about.

So, that is why I have been looking for a gluten free baking/cooking class to take. But, for some reason, in the North Bay (just north of San Francisco) I couldn’t find anything. I couldn’t even find anything in San Francisco. Seemed silly to me. Then, I happened to stumble upon (not by using a gluten free baking class being taught at a semi-local Sur la Table by Jennifer Torrey-Combs.

So, I took the class last Saturday morning, and I was oh-so-happy that I did. It was great. I learned a few things about baking, like some better tools to use, etc. We learned to bake Sin-a-Bun-ish Cinnamon Rolls, Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies, Gluten-Free Banana Bread, Blueberry Corn Muffins, and Fluffy Gluten-Free Dinner Rolls. And they were all fabulous. Plus, she gave us a written copy of her gluten-free flour blend. It subs one to one for regular flour. Unfortunately, Sur la Table has proprietary over the recipes, so I can’t give them out. You have to pay for the class to get them, but if anyone wants to come over to my place and make some goodies, I can’t keep you from looking at the paper.

One of the reasons I wanted to take the class was the banana bread recipe. I have been trying to figure a gluten-free one out with no success. But that has changed. This is great.

gluten free banana bread |

I swear, you would not know the difference between these things and the regular gluten-full versions. If I wasn’t there making them, I would have been skeptical and probably not eaten any.

gluten free cinnamon rolls |

And I was curious about the cinnamon rolls. I haven’t even attempted cinnamon rolls since going gluten free. I haven’t really missed them that much, because I didn’t eat them that much before. But every once in a while, it is a nice treat. And these tasted like the real thing. Absolutely, sin-full-y perfect.

gluten free chocolate chip cookies on sheet |

Now, chocolate chip cookies, I can always go for. I love them in just about any form, but cakey is best. And these were cakey. Jennifer said we can use less flour to have them more chewy. That makes sense, since I always added more flour to get them the way I wanted.

The other recipes turned out great, but these were my favorites. And the most sugary.

If you are in the San Francisco/North Bay area, Jennifer does home classes, as well as consulting. She doesn’t have a website, but she can be reached at 707-889-3761 or cabsnobs[at]aol[dot]com.

In the next post, I attempt Elana’s (from Elana’s Pantry) chocolate chip cookies made with almond flour and agave nectar.

Until then, here’s to…Living better, easily!™

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3 Responses to “Attending a Gluten-Free Baking Class”

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  2. It is great that you are taking a class to conquer baking. Too many people sit back and wait for the solution to come to them. I have been known to do that. I look forward to seeing what you produce. Good luck with this.