How to Use a Whisk – Video

How to Use a Wire Whisk Video |

So, this may seem a bit funny to most people. I thought it was amusing when I read the title. “The Best Way to Use a Whisk”? WTF? I think we all know how to use a whisk. But… I thought I would give it a view since it is only a few minutes long. […]

Awesome and Easy Mexican Soup (Naturally Gluten-Free Soup)

Awesome and Easy Mexican Soup (Naturally Gluten-Free) |

  Easy! Easy, peasy! You know, I love easy. Cooking that is. (Don’t go there!) I found this recipe on Pinterest. I love Pinterest. I have found so many recipes to try and/or make over. Don’t get me wrong. I do the whole isn’t-this-cute, I’m-going-to-pin-it-and-feel-totally-inadequate-because-mine-will-never-look-like-it thing, too. But once I get past that, it is […]

Video – Gluten-Free Tandoori Chicken Recipe

Gluten-Free Tandoori Chicken |

I LOVE India Food. Huge, huge fan. I just love all of the flavors. Somehow it makes things I would probably not normally like taste AWESOME! And most of it is naturally gluten-free, including this gluten-free tandoori chicken. Of course, say no to the naan, but most of the rest of it is good to […]

Responses to the News That Gluten Sensitivity May Not Exist

gluten free flours |

So in my post I wrote last week about the articles that state that gluten sensitivity may not exist, I wasn’t very eloquent. In fact, I guess you could say I was VERY eloquent since what I really wanted to do was go smack every person who was claiming how happy they were they could tell […]

How to Make Chicken Broth – Super Simple

Slow Cooker Chicken Broth |

I have a dream. One day, I will have so much time that I can make all of my food from scratch. I will know every ingredient because I used only whole foods to make whatever it is that I made. My pantry and freezer will be organized and filled with tons of ready to […]

How to Cook Baby-Back Ribs (Video)

Baby Back Ribs |

So, I have been going crazy with the Alton Brown videos. Obviously, he has a lot of gluten-full stuff, but the baby-back ribs recipe he shows here is gluten-free. Unless, I missed something, because I have been known to completely miss something very obvious to everyone else. If you catch a mistake on my part, […]

Gluten Intolerance May Not Exist

Words of Celiac Disease |

A lot of talk has been going around the last few days about gluten intolerance not existing. Or, to better put it – It’s all in your head. It doesn’t exist. Being gluten-free is dumb. Etc… Now, it is an interesting topic in the fact that the doctor who said it does exist in the […]

The Easiest Way to Cook a Whole Chicken

Beautiful Roast Chicken |

As you can see, trying to cook a whole chicken this way ain’t always pretty. But it sure is easy. Easy, peasy. Easy, peasy. Lemon, squeezy! I like easy. With two small-ish kids, trying to work full time and getting this blog up and running again, I need easy. Easy, peasy. Lemon, squeezy! Or lemon greasy, if […]

How to Saber a Champagne Bottle

Massive Saber |

Wednesdays are going to be video days. All videos will be gluten-free, of course. If not, it will be because I plan on showing how to do it gluten-free. Hopefully, I can start making my own soon. Do a mashup of my Max and Mum videos and gluten-free. I already have one set up to […]

Gluten-Free Diet Reduces Risk of Type 1 Diabetes in Mice

Dandelion Seeds |

Well, isn’t this interesting. Seems like the researchers at The University of Copenhagen have been doing some research. They found that having pregnant mice on a gluten-free diet gave their offspring a reduced risk of developing type 1 diabetes. While we all know that mice are not people, it does give food for thought, so to speak. […]