Video – Gluten-Free Tandoori Chicken Recipe

Gluten-Free Tandoori Chicken |

I LOVE India Food. Huge, huge fan. I just love all of the flavors. Somehow it makes things I would probably not normally like taste AWESOME! And most of it is naturally gluten-free, including this gluten-free tandoori chicken. Of course, say no to the naan, but most of the rest of it is good to […]

Responses to the News That Gluten Sensitivity May Not Exist

gluten free flours |

So in my post I wrote last week about the articles that state that gluten sensitivity may not exist, I wasn’t very eloquent. In fact, I guess you could say I was VERY eloquent since what I really wanted to do was go smack every person who was claiming how happy they were they could tell […]

How to Make Chicken Broth – Super Simple

Slow Cooker Chicken Broth |

I have a dream. One day, I will have so much time that I can make all of my food from scratch. I will know every ingredient because I used only whole foods to make whatever it is that I made. My pantry and freezer will be organized and filled with tons of ready to […]

How to Cook Baby-Back Ribs (Video)

Baby Back Ribs |

So, I have been going crazy with the Alton Brown videos. Obviously, he has a lot of gluten-full stuff, but the baby-back ribs recipe he shows here is gluten-free. Unless, I missed something, because I have been known to completely miss something very obvious to everyone else. If you catch a mistake on my part, […]

Gluten Intolerance May Not Exist

Words of Celiac Disease |

A lot of talk has been going around the last few days about gluten intolerance not existing. Or, to better put it – It’s all in your head. It doesn’t exist. Being gluten-free is dumb. Etc… Now, it is an interesting topic in the fact that the doctor who said it does exist in the […]

The Easiest Way to Cook a Whole Chicken

Beautiful Roast Chicken |

As you can see, trying to cook a whole chicken this way ain’t always pretty. But it sure is easy. Easy, peasy. Easy, peasy. Lemon, squeezy! I like easy. With two small-ish kids, trying to work full time and getting this blog up and running again, I need easy. Easy, peasy. Lemon, squeezy! Or lemon greasy, if […]

How to Saber a Champagne Bottle

Massive Saber |

Wednesdays are going to be video days. All videos will be gluten-free, of course. If not, it will be because I plan on showing how to do it gluten-free. Hopefully, I can start making my own soon. Do a mashup of my Max and Mum videos and gluten-free. I already have one set up to […]

Gluten-Free Diet Reduces Risk of Type 1 Diabetes in Mice

Dandelion Seeds |

Well, isn’t this interesting. Seems like the researchers at The University of Copenhagen have been doing some research. They found that having pregnant mice on a gluten-free diet gave their offspring a reduced risk of developing type 1 diabetes. While we all know that mice are not people, it does give food for thought, so to speak. […]

Why You Should Invest in a Slow Cooker (if you haven’t already)

Easy Gluten-Free with a Slow Cooker |

Slow Cookers. Crockpots. Big thing on the kitchen counter with flower designs or just plain brown that your mom used to throw a bunch of stuff in before you ran out the door to school, and then you have strange flavored mush or stew that night for dinner… (or was that just me?) They have […]

The Best Coffee Shop in Pacific Grove, CA!

Best Coffee Shop in Pacific Grove, CA |

So, I just want to give a great big shoutout to The CoffeeWorks in Pacific Grove, CA. They are awesome! They are… The Best Coffee Shop in Pacific Grove, CA! They have amazing coffee from Santa Cruz Coffee Roasting. They have FREE WIFI! (Always a plus for us folks that can’t accomplish any work at […]