So, What’s the Deal with Blue Cheese?

gluten free blue cheese

Blue cheese is ok. Yes folks, it is ok to eat blue cheese if you can’t have gluten. For those of you who don’t know much about this, blue cheese has been controversial for a while because of how it is made.

Gluten Free Personal Care Products – J.R. Watkins

As mentioned in my previous blog, I went to the Natural Foods Expo West a few weeks ago. It was a crazy sight to behold. So much going on everywhere. It’s one of those times where you could very easily develop option-paralysis. Anyway, the reason I reiterate this is because it could not have been […]

Vendors at Natural Foods Expo West

Part 2 of My Trip to Natural Foods Expo West Now, I didn’t get to visit everyone that I wanted to visit. But I got to a lot of them. Here is my take. Some of the big boys were hard to talk to. At one of the large vendors, I had one guy that […]

Natural Foods Expo West

Visiting the Producers of Gluten Free Products Early in March, I attended the Natural Foods Expo West. I had a wonderful time and gained some interesting insights. I attended last year and was amazed at how much bigger it was this year. It was so big that next year I will have to spend at […]