Chipotle Burrito Bowl and My Bad Mood (Sorry.)

Frustration |


Blah! Blah! Blah!

Sorry, but that’s how I feel. No particular reason other than I am overwhelmed (as is just about every other person on this planet), and I really just want to sit and watch TV for about a week.

Do you ever get days like that? I don’t even HAVE TV anymore. We have Netflix, and we sometimes rent movies from Amazon. But, right now, I feel like calling up my cable provider and seeing if they can do an emergency delivery of mindless, boring, turn-your-brain-into-mush TV.

Do you think they could set it up in the next hour or so? But, I only want it for a couple of days.

Then, they have to take it back. Because, seriously, I can’t handle the cr@p that passes for programing on most channels.

Told you I was in a mood.

Maybe I shouldn’t write blog posts on these days?

But it does feel kind of fun putting a voice to this mood instead of just sucking it up and pretending it doesn’t exist.

Ahhhhhhhhh, anyway…

Sorry to be such a bummer.

At least I have a good “recipe.”

I put recipe in quotes (Yeah, you can go ahead and picture me doing air quotes. Roll your eyes. Get it over with. Ready to go on?) because it really isn’t a big-deal, I-created-something recipe.

It is an I-really-love-going-to-Chipotle-so-I’ve-been-obsessed-with-trying-to-make-a-homemade-version recipe. It’s really not that much cheaper to make your own. Kind of another reason why I like going to Chipotle. I can totally justify it.

“But, it doesn’t cost that much more.”

“It’s so quick and made from good stuff.”

“No, McDonalds does not own it like we thought.”

Guess there was a rumor going around that McDonalds owned it. Not true. They used to own a large portion of the stock, but they sold it awhile ago. In case you cared.

Anyway, since I couldn’t figure out what to write about in this post due to my blah mood, I decided to pull this one out.

I have been saving it for just such an occasion.

OK, truth be told. The reason I have saved it is because I took such great picture of it that I had to write about it at some point. So, the pictures have been waiting and waiting in the queue for just the right occasion (The right occasion being that I had nothing else that I could come up with to write about.)

So, take a look at my lovely pictures. (Seriously! I am not the greatest photographer, so I was really impressed with myself. *Blows on fingernails. Rubs them on shirt.*)

Chipotle Burrito Bowl |

If you ever are in the mood to make a Chipotle Burrito Bowl at home, now you have and exact step by step instruction on how to do it.

Like you need one. I mean, come on. They show you how to do it right there in the store. Oh, I LOVE that place.

Chipotle Burrito Bowl
Recipe type: Lunch
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 1-10
  • Stephanie’s (from A Year of Slow Cooking) Carnitas (I triple the spice, but that’s me. We like it spicy!) (
  • Warmed Rice
  • Warmed Canned Beans (Pinto or Black. Pick your favorite.)
  • Salsa (Pick your favorite.)
  • Guacamole (Pick you favorite. We use TJs.)
  • Chipotle Tabasco (This is a must as far as we are concerned, but go with your taste.)
  1. Take your bowl.
  2. Add some rice.
  3. Add some beans.
  4. Add some Carnitas.
  5. Add some salsa.
  6. Add some guacamole.
  7. Top with Chipotle Tabasco.
  8. Eat with a fork.



Chipotle Burrito Bowl Steps |


  1. You will notice I didn’t put measurements above. That is because you just layer this to the size of a Burrito Bowl that you want.
  2. If you are not into pork, you are strange. Just kidding. I’m really not that into pork except with Carnitas. Anyway, you can use Stephanie’s recipe with other meats, too. I use with with a chicken breasts all of the time. Just add a bit more liquid. Or use chicken thighs, and you don’t have to add the extra liquid.

Sorry about the lame post. I will do my best to be in a better mood in two weeks. I have a feeling I will, since this mood usually only lasts a day or two. Each month. If you know what I mean. Sorry for TMI.

Have a great week! I’m off to watch some downloaded Real Housewives of Beverly Hills do some work. 😉

Until later, here’s to…Living better, easily!

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20 Responses to “Chipotle Burrito Bowl and My Bad Mood (Sorry.)”

  1. I definitely feel with you about the bad mood. I think it must be the changing weather!!!

    • Glugle Gluten-Free

      I think you are right, Cara. And the weather can’t seem to make up it’s mind here. Oh well. Eat some chocolate and move on, right? 😉


  2. I had to chuckle because I felt as if I was reading my own thoughts! It could be the change in seasons. I know I feel under the weather and completely unmotivated. Let’s try and get through this together and back away from the tv (or my case the computer)!

    • Glugle Gluten-Free

      Hi Sora,

      OK, too many people are saying the weather, so I am going with that. 😉 I just need the holidays to really kick in. I am a holiday freak. Oh, and BTW, my tv is on my computer. Does that make it worse?


  3. I love Chipotle too. I’ve made versions at home from time to time, but I totally justify buying it. Love it.

    • Glugle Gluten-Free

      Hi Alta,

      Isn’t chipotle the best? It is also our savior when we travel. That and In’N’Out. 😉


  4. Oh my gosh, thank you so much for this post…you just made my day so much brighter! I empathized, I smiled, I chuckled. I haven’t posted on my own blog in a while for the very same reason (I’ve been feeling blah, blah, blah!), but you have inspired me. Thank you! Oh…and I LOVE Chipotle’s burrito bowl, so thanks for the “recipe”. Have a wonderful day! 🙂

    • Glugle Gluten-Free

      Hi KathieLea,

      Well, I hope the inspiration worked. Seems like the blah’s are going around. Hope we can all snap out of it soon. I must say, I am not a fan of the blahs. They can go now. 😉


  5. I’m still laughing to myself, which is a huge relief because I’m feeling EXACTLY like you are today! Thank you for the comic relief! Maybe you can download “Sister Wives” and watch 4 ladies do it all while “the man” drives around in his little white sports car.

    Love your posts and recipes. Keep them coming!

    • Glugle Gluten-Free

      Hi Tina,

      Thank you! You are very sweet. Sounds like I might end up throwing stuff at my tv if I watch Sister Wives. 😉 I hope the mode passes. I just feel so unproductive. Oh well.


  6. Being a Canadian girl, I’ve never been to Chipotle. But I LOVE chipotles! That helps, right? And I love black beans. So it looks like I’ll be making a veggie version of this deliciousness. Thanks! Hope you’re in a better mood?

    • Glugle Gluten-Free

      Hi Maggie,

      Chipotle is great, especially for on the road. You get to watch them as they make you burrito. But, you can easily remake it. If you are doing a veggie version, you can add grilled peppers and onions. They have them there. That might be really tasty. I’m getting better, thanks.


  7. Girl, speak your mind whenever you want! You know we love to hear it! Personally, I like to listen to other people let off steam sometimes. Makes me feel less annoying when I do it myself!

    • Glugle Gluten-Free

      Thanks, Iris! I appreciate that. I know what you mean. It’s nice to know others are human, too.


  8. Jessica@ OH MY GLUTEN FREE!

    I love when people figure out how to make remakes of places I love to eat! My husband will be excited when I make this one. Thanks for sharing!

    p.s. hang in there 😉 Netflix isn’t so bad, just start a TV series and it’ll be even better then not having cable cause you don’t have to wait a week to see what happens next!

    • Glugle Gluten-Free

      Hi Jessica,

      Well, I got all caught up on Grey’s, and now I am on to The Good Wife. I like that show. Now, I have stuff to keep my mind mindless, again.

      I hope the burrito bowl works well. If you really want it more authentic, cut up some cilantro in the rice. I forgot that part.


    • Glugle Gluten-Free

      Aren’t they great? I could eat them anytime. If fact, we had them last night.


  9. Had to laugh when I read this… I was nodding the whole time. We too got rid of our TV about a year ago – after we found ourselves watching mindless crap. It was like having to stop to look at an accident. We pulled the plug – but every now and then we look at each other and go – today would have been a good day to flake out in front of something mind numbing. Now when we need to escape – we surf the net (perhaps a little too much!) thanks for a great post 🙂 Claudine

    • Glugle Gluten-Free

      Hi Claudine,

      I know what you mean. I think our computers have replaced our tv. 😉