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**This giveaway has ended Please scroll down for the winners.**

Back to school! Since school seems to start at different times for everyone (My BILs and SIL started 4 weeks ago. ACK!), it is still back-to-school somewhere. Well, as any mom/dad of a kid with food allergies/gluten intolerance/celiac disease can tell you, back-to-school can be an extra big deal, because now they have to worry about what foods their children will be around at school.

If you read my Fridays posts – Gluten-Free News You Can Use, you will have seen many links to sites that give helpful back-to-school lunch and snack ideas. (Here is the second post with links to sites that give helpful back to school lunch and snack ideas.)

One of those posts came from my friend Kim of Cook IT Allergy Free. Well, if you didn’t know, Kim has an app of the same name: Cook IT Allergy Free.

Cook IT Allergy Free App

This app is great. It has tons of recipes. (And, Kim is always adding more in updates.) They are all broken out into sections like main dishes, etc. But, you can also use the search like if you have an ingredient you want to use. Once you click on a recipe, you will see that certain typical allergens are highlighted. You click on it to find the substitutions. Since not everyone is allergic to everything, you can sub just what you need.

And, it comes for the iPhone and iPad. So, it is convenient for whatever you use.

I love having this on my iPad so I can take it into the kitchen and use it where I need it the most. Don’t have to worry about printing anything out and wasting paper.

There is also a recipe box/folder to save all of you recipes that you like the best so they are easier to find. Plus, a grocery list. You can organize all you items you need for your recipes by aisle in the grocery store. How convenient is that?!

But, I think my favorite part is the tips. Kim has added so many great tips in this app. Like: Gluten-Free Cooking Tips, Substitution Information, Allergy Friendly Lunchbox Ideas, etc.

Let me give you a little background on Kim. (Totally lifting this from her blog, by the way.)

Our family’s journey to gluten-free and allergy-free cooking began when our oldest son was 15 months old. He had not gained weight in months, was constantly pale, had a very distended belly and always seemed tired. After much research on our end and many doctor visits, we finally discovered that he had Celiac Disease – a serious digestive disorder triggered by gluten. Once we removed gluten from his diet – the protein found in wheat, barley, malt, rye, and countless other products – his health just took off. He gained a lot of much-needed weight, grew many inches in height, his color came back, and he finally had the energy level of a normal toddler. However, as my son grew better, my husband started noticing (or rather, stopped ignoring) strange intestinal symptoms of his own. Because Celiac is a disease that most often runs in families, he decided to get tested himself and, sure enough, he too tested positive for Celiac Disease.

Thus came my challenge of keeping them both fed. Because I had always enjoyed cooking, I decided to conduct some of my own experiments in the kitchen to see if I could make meals that were gluten-free but tasted more like the food we had previously been accustomed to. As I embarked on this cooking journey, I became passionate about learning how to feed my entire family as healthily as possible.

This passion drove me to begin work on a Master’s Degree in Nutrition so that I could become as educated as possible to ensure that I was doing everything right. I started having so much fun on my new educational path that I wanted to help others find a way to enjoy feeding their families while dealing with food allergies as well. Learning how to eliminate allergies and substitute other ingredients in everyday cooking can be slightly overwhelming, especially when you are first starting out. Teaching others how to learn to enjoy allergy-free cooking and focus on healthy living has become my mission. And my hope is that this website, iPhone and iPad Application will be the tools to do just that…

Cook IT Allergy Free App

So, here’s the deal. I am giving away two of these apps to lucky readers. Well, codes for the apps. You will have to hop on over to iTunes to get them. 😉 All you have to do it head on over to Kim’s blog for Cook IT Allergy Free and find a recipe you want to try and tell me about it. I have already tried quite a few just from her blog, let alone the app.

Of course, there are the usual ways to get extra entries.

~Post about this giveaway on your blog and/or share it on Facebook. Leave a separate comment here saying that you did.

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If you already follow or like, go ahead and leave a comment saying that you already do. That counts.

Until later, here’s to…Living Better, Easily!™

PS – The giveaway for the Cook IT Allergy Free App has ended. will end September 20th at 9pm PST.  I will email the winner, and you will have 48 hours to get back to me. After which, if I have not heard back from you, another winner will be drawn. – Congratulations to Jenni and Michelle! I sent your email addresses to Kim so she can get codes out to you.

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41 Responses to “Cook IT Allergy Free App and Giveaway”

  1. Barbara Neiberg

    I’ve been cooking gluten free for my husband for 9 years and am always excited to find new sites and recipes to try. He’ll love the Black Forest Cupcakes on Cook It Allergy Free! Thanks.

  2. Barbara Neiberg

    I just shared this with my GF friends on Facebook as well. Our numbers are growing! 🙂

  3. Elizabeth Nicol

    I’ve never posted before- so I hope that I am doing this correctly… would love to try the black forest cupcakes recipe… one of my favorite things to eat before celiac! The app looks incredibly useful!

  4. Liked glugle gluten free on fb

    Liked cook it allergy free on fb.

  5. I bought the app at the iTunes store, so don’t enter me in the give-away, but I did want to say that I love the app. I already “Like” all of the above, but will Tweet and share. =)

  6. Excellent…I was wondering about any gluten free apps! Liked it on facebook…need to show husband who has a gluten intolerance.

  7. I like Cook It Allergy Free on facebook and would really LIKE this app 🙂

  8. Christina

    Joined the email list and liked the facebook page today…yay!

  9. Wow great apps and site.
    I would like to try this first !!
    Mini Gluten-Free Pineapple Upside-Down Cakes

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    • Glugle Gluten-Free

      Congratulations, Jenni! You won the Cook IT Allergy Free app. I will have Kim email you soon with your code. Yay!

  10. Hi, I’d love to win the App! I just subscribed to Cook IT Allergy Free. Thanks!

  11. Hi, I’d love to win the App. I “Like” Glugle Gluten-free on Facebook. Thanks!

  12. Hi, I’d love to win the App. I “Like” Cook IT Allergy-free on Facebook. Thanks!

    • Glugle Gluten-Free

      Congratulations, Michelle! You won the Cook IT Allergy Free app. I will have Kim email you soon with your code. Yay!

  13. I’m so glad I found you! I just liked Glugle on fb. The app looks great!

  14. I follow both Glugle and CookitAllergyFree on FB and have the app for iphone. Would definitely like to wind for my ipad.


  15. There are too many recipes on her blog! I can’t make up my mind! The individual sized up-side-down pineapple cake sounds really good though!