Dairy-Free, Berry “Milk” Shake Recipe

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So, my last smoothie recipe was dedicated to the Big Man since it was his birthday.

Well, today is my mother’s birthday, so that makes this smoothie recipe dedicated to her.

So…. How to begin this post?

If the Big Man is a health nut, my mother is a berry nut. That doesn’t sound right, but you know what I mean.

My mother could live on berries. In fact, every summer, she does. She plans her day around going to a special road-side stand that she loves. (The have a wolf for a dog there, but I am pretty sure that is NOT why my mom goes to this stand.) Or, she will plan her Saturday around going to her local farmers’ market to get the berries there.

She will get a huge flat of them, and they will be devoured in a day or less.

Except the one time when I was visiting and we got a flat of raspberries. We set it on the counter, and when we went back in to the kitchen to get some, there were ants everywhere. We just threw that one out. A waste, I know, but… EWWWWWWWWW!

Now, usually I like to write a funny story, but the story I have about my mom is just too embarrassing to write here. And my mom reads my blog, so I wouldn’t want to do that to her.*

Anyway, this smoothie is a special dessert smoothie. I used to make this for myself when I was pregnant with the Little Man. I had gestational diabetes, so I had to watch my sugar and carb intake, but I really wanted desserts. So, I came up with this magical “milk” shake that I still love.

Milk is in quotes, because I have since turned this into a dairy-free recipe because the Big Man and I are going dairy-free. It’s a long story. Maybe I will tell it to you someday.

Dairy-Free Blackberry "Milk" Shake | glugleglutenfree.com
Dairy-Free Blackberry “Milk” Shake


Dairy-Free, Berry “Milk” Shake Recipe
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 2
Berry "Milk" Shake (Smoothie)
  • 2 cups Frozen Berries (You can use one or any combo of berries. I like blackberries. Choose your favorite.)
  • 1 cup Almond Milk
  • 1 tbsp Agave Nectar
  1. Put all ingredients into a blender and blend.
  2. Don't wait too long to blend. I did and the almond milk started to freeze. Whoops!

This makes a great dessert when you don’t want to go too calorie crazy and want some good nutrition.

*As to the reference to the story that I couldn’t tell because it was too embarrassing, there isn’t a story. My mom does read my blog, and I just couldn’t resist making her squirm. I’m on the floor giggling while she is racking her brain trying to think of what in the world I could possibly say. Eh, she’s visiting in March, so she can get me back then.

This article is part of Nicola’s (of GFree Mom) D-Tox January. I told you all about it in my previous Green Smoovy post, but you can also go to her site to read all about how we need lots of fruits and veggies. Plus, she has links to all of the different smoothies, soups, and juices that everyone is doing this month. Lots of great ideas to get the year started off right.

We lost Jack LaLanne this week. That man was an ispiration. He lived to 96. But he was not just breathing. This man really lived that whole 96 years. And he owed it all to healthy living. He exercised everyday. He ate fruits, vegatables and juices. The man lived his mantra. Now, wouldn’t you like to live to 96 and be as vital as he was that whole time? OK, I have no desire to swim from Alcatraz Island to Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco — handcuffed, shackled and towing a boat. At 60, no less. But, I would love to be ABLE to. Wouldn’t you?

So, let’s live like Jack. Get some exercise in today. Even if it is just a walk. And eat/drink you fruits and veggies. Lots of great and tasty ways to do it at Nicola’s site.

Until later, here’s to…Living better, easily!

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29 Responses to “Dairy-Free, Berry “Milk” Shake Recipe”

  1. I’ll pass on the handcuffed swimming in the ocean as well, but you’re so right, Jack was an inspiration to all. I’ve been in the exercise science “business” one way or another my whole life and his name has been synonymous with health and fitness, no matter what phase or trendy period we were going through. He was a steady force touting the benefits of healthy eating and exercise. You emphasized Jack’s message in this post. It’s not just about breathing, it’s about LIVING each day with radiant gusto. He did that!

    Now to your smoothie. Berries are such a good addition and add wonderful antioxidant power!

    • Glugle Gluten-Free

      I always thought Jack was cool. He was telling women and athletes to lift weights long before anyone else. He was so ahead of his time.


  2. Oh, Tia, I love this post! 🙂 Of course, I say that about all your posts, but it’s true. This one made me laugh on making your mom squirm, ooh and ahh over that simple yet luscious (and healthy) milkshake, and even tear up a bit with the reflections on Jack LaLanne. He was such a force. Really quite amazing, and even if we don’t emulate him in every way, we can follow his lead daily. Love both photos, but especially the one of the blackberries. Great post, dear! And, I’ll try this milkshake when blackberries are back in season. We have some that grown on our mtn property and here nearby at home, too. Just have to be cautious of chiggers. Ants are an annoyance to me, but chiggers are to be feared.


    • Glugle Gluten-Free

      That blackberry picture is from my FIL’s place. I LOVE going there when blackberries are in season. I make myself sick eating so many. 😉 And, just to let you know, I found organic, frozen blackberries at Costco. a great big bag, if you have the freezer space. They are carrying a lot of organic frozen berries, now.

      What’s a chigger? Or do I not want to know? I’m guessing it doesn’t have anything to do with measuring alcohol into a drink, right?


  3. I so can’t wait to be back up in the northwest in berry picking country!!! Did I mention you can pick various berries there six months of the year? Oh yeah, I probably said that already 🙂

    • Glugle Gluten-Free

      I seem to recall reading that somewhere. 😉 I miss picking berries. My mom and I used to do that all the time on Sauvie Island. Then we’d eat most of them while picking or on the way home. And, the Big Man loves berries, too.


  4. Wendy @ Celiacs in the House

    Another smoothie and a good laugh. Your poor mom.

    • Glugle Gluten-Free

      Whoa! I have totally forgotten that I haven’t replied to anything here. Oops! Eh, I think my mom is getting used to it. I’m not the type that let’s it on on for days. Just a few minutes. So, that makes it better, right?

  5. nicola @ gfreemom

    Fab post! I found the organic frozen berries at Costco too – aren’t they great? Almond milk hasn’t gone down well with the kids so far, but in a smoothie with berries – I think that might just work. Thanks! xo

    • Glugle Gluten-Free

      Thanks, Nicola! Our freezer is so full with those berries. I think everyone has a different taste with cow’s milk substitutes. Just have to find the right one.

  6. Yummy shake! I would definitely use raspberries (I’m like your Mom, totally addicted to berries) and maybe a little bit of cocoa powder…oh, now I need to go shopping! What a great idea, thanks Tia!

    • Glugle Gluten-Free

      Yes, Maggie. Any berries will work. I also love strawberries. I love the idea of adding cocoa powder. Yummy! I’m going to have to try that. Thanks!

  7. Tia, this one had me rolling! Your poor mother is probably trying to come up with a really good way to get you back right now!! LOL! I loved this post – and that beautiful looking dessert smoothie/”milk”shake.
    And for the record, I think our old friend Jack was actually towing like 72 boats when he did that. 😉

    • Glugle Gluten-Free

      72?!?! Holy you-know-what! That’s insane! But so admirable.

      My mom has had 40 years to get used to me. But, this si the first time she has ever left a comment. And, you know, she has read every single post. 😉

  8. Jean Nichols

    I must say, you did have me trying to figure out what embarrassing story you were talking about but I just couldn’t think of one that involved berries. You are definitely right though….I LOVE berries! This smoothie sounds good enough to fix if the berries would last long enough to make it to the blender.

    Tia’s Mom

    • Glugle Gluten-Free

      Use frozen berries. That way there might actually be some to use. And it’s a better shake that way.


    • Glugle Gluten-Free

      Mom is a good sport. Plus, since I am her only child, I can get away with more. 😉

  9. MMMMMMMMM,..I love shakes as easy yet so tasty as this!!!

    Berries are so good for us too!

    I just moved my blog to wordpress.com/ Come over @ my blog & check it out! You must update your RSS too!

    • Glugle Gluten-Free

      Thanks, Sophie! I checked out your blog. I love the picture. Beautiful! I will update my RSS.

  10. This shake looks delicious. I love making shakes with real fruit. So healthy and delicious.

    • Glugle Gluten-Free

      Thanks, Amy! It is so good. And refreshing. Especially great on a hot summer day. Which is when I ate them since the Little Man was born at the end of August.

  11. I love that blackberry picture! I love a berry milk shake, though I usually just call it a smoothie. Almond milk is my liquid of choice too. I tend to forget about making them in the winter, though. Thanks for the reminder. I think I’ll make one tomorrow.

  12. I hear ants taste good in smoothies. 🙂

    I love berries too! I think this will be our dessert this evening for Valentine’s Day. Thank you!

  13. Tia – this is almost like a berry ice cream. The color is so beautiful and I bet the the taste is divine. I love love love berries of all kind and freshly picked ones are the best.