Do NOT Make the Asada Stew (until I redo the recipe)

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Please, please, please forgive me. I am begging you. If it’s any consolation, at least I only poisoned myself in our household.

I am hoping no one has had time to make the Asada Stew recipe I posted a couple of days ago. It was brought to my attention by Anne of Gluten-Free Musings that the tri-tip asada was not on the Trader Joe’s “No Gluten Ingredients Used” list that I linked to. I had already thrown out the package by that point, so I could just go look at the ingredients.

But, I always read the labels. Just like we all do. And, I am very good at reading labels and having the key words just pop out at me. (My mother is allergic to onions, so I have always been a label reader. Even before I had to do it for myself.) So, I was positive that I read that label well.

Then, I started to worry. I had been having my normal (no such thing as normal with this) typical reaction when I get a little bit of gluten over a period of time. Can’t fall asleep until 2 or 3am. No matter how tired I am. The skin on my fingers was drying up, cracking and bleeding for no apparent reason. (If I get a larger amount, such as a crumb, I get nauseous after a few hours, so I find what the offender is and stop eating it.) I attributed it to the taffy that a family member brought to us. It was so kind of her, but no ingredients listed and no way for me to know if there was cross contamination.

Well, today I finally got to Trader Joe’s. I looked at the ingredients on the tri-tip asada, and there it was. Dried soy sauce (contains wheat).

Uuuuuuggggggghhhhhhhh! What was I thinking? Or not thinking? Oh, crap!

So, I am begging for forgiveness on my knees. Please tell me that no one has made this. (Kim – Looks like you might need to give yours away.)

I really liked the taste, so I am going to find the seasonings to use and make it again (without the wheat). So, I will be posting the new recipe when I get it right.

It should still be pretty easy. Just add the seasonings to a regular, plain tri-tip (or some other meat).Please, stay tuned.

Photo credit: JOHNGY'S BEAT

In other news, I just found out that Tony Curtis passed away. He was one of my first crushes when I was a little girl. Boy, was he dreamy. Some Like It Hot. The Sweet Smell of Success. Two of the best movies, ever. So, in honor of The Flintstones being 50 years old, today… I say, “So long, Stony Curtis. You were my favorite guest star, along with Anne Margrock. You, your acting, and, yes, your beautiful face will be missed by many.”

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18 Responses to “Do NOT Make the Asada Stew (until I redo the recipe)”

  1. Life is all about lessons. Don’t beat yourself up, dear! That’s why I have my disclaimer on my sidebar for folks always to read labels. So sorry you got sick … it truly stinks.

    Way too cute on the dog and Stony Curtis (I’d forgotten that!) … Flintstones 50 years old? And Tony Curtis passing. Now that news makes me feel old.


    • Thanks, Shirley. I just didn’t want to be responsible for making someone else sick. Even if it is ultimately our own responsibility to take care of our selves. I think I will add that to my disclaimer. But, I also just feel kid of dense. “Why didn’t I catch that?” Live and learn.

      I just had to mention about Tony Curtis. It was always my favorite episode of the Flintstones, so both on the same day was weird.

      And, you’re only as old as you act. And, you, definitely do not act old. :) Ahhhhhh! Just realized I meet you in one week. :P Can’t wait!

      Tia :P

      • Tia–You’re such a sweetie! Thanks for your super kind comments … age is totally attitude for sure. ;-) Can’t wait to meet you, too! Very sooooon, my dear. :-)


  2. Oh no, I was about to go out and buy the stuff tomorrow too, I was so craving it. But I will definitely try it with a non-seasoned meat.

    I hope you feel better soon! I find with myself, I tend to get gluetened when I do it to myself…not even when i am out. The irony of it :(

    We have all been there.

    • Hi Anne,

      Yeah. I loved it, too. I am definitely going to make a gf version. Grocery shopping tomorrow. The seasonings should be easy.

      I’m getting better. I have to wear bandaids on my fingers, so my son points them out all day long. Might as well say, “Mom. You screwed up.” ;) Oh, well.


  3. That is really interesting about the skin on the fingers thing…I have had that for a long time…where every once in a while, the skin on my finger tips would peel…one the same finger on both hands…I always figured it was from using cleaner or something abrasive. I wonder if it was from gluten. And come to think of it, since i have been GF (almost 2 years now), I haven’t noticed it as much.


    Yes, please post your revised recipe, I would love to try it out.

    • I had the skin on the fingers things since I was 19. I went to a dermatologist who did tons of tests and basically shrugged and said, “I don’t know.” If I am gf, it never comes back. And, several people have told me that the same thing happens to them. I am wondering if it is another form of dermatitis herpetiformis? If it happens again, I wonder if I can go get it tested?

      Tia :P

  4. You are so stinkin’ CUTE!!! That doggie photo is so something this glutadoodle would do too…ready for an officer role in my club? :-D

    Like Shirley said, don’t beat yourself up…it happens sometimes. The really cool thing though is how you handled it with gusto! So kudos to you, it is refreshing to know there are more honest and sincere people like you in the world.

    Okay, I have to ask on the sleep thing…for weeks now, I am just awake, often till 2-3 in the morning. Reading won’t even tire me out! I wonder…


    • I would love to be an officer. Just not secretary. I’m always secretary, and my hand cramps from writing so much. Maybe treasurer. I like money. :)

      Thanks for the kindness. I appreciate it.

      And, the sleeplessness thing was only the last couple of years before I went gf. I know I have had this since I was really little because my mom talks about how I used to complain of really bad stomach pain. She attributed it to me having an over reaction when I was hungry. Later, she realized I meant it was sharp, stabbing pains. Still didn’t figure out it was gluten until I was 36. And, then, only by accident.

      Same with the sleeplessness. I stopped eating it for other reasons. The first day I was gluten-free, I slept like a rock. Fell asleep at 10pm. I hadn’t slept well in almost two years before that. If I get any gluten now, I won’t sleep that night. No matter what.

      I guess, look at what you’re eating. Could it sneak in any where? But, you are also having the other issues with iron, etc. So, it could have something to do with that. Hmmmm…

      The human body is a wonderful and curious thing.


  5. how excited i was to find gluten-free bacon-flavored vegetarian salt in four types, all gluten-free!!
    until a commenter noticed they werent. gluten free.

    or what about the time i listed an ingredient and no one could find it mentioned in the recipe. or maybe it was the opposite.

    i guess the more you cook or blog or live there’s more of an opportunity to mess up, but then who cares, really, because statistically speaking…..not to worry…and clearly your heart is in the right place!

    cute hairy being, too.

    • Thanks! I appreciate all the forgiveness and love I’m getting. I kept thinking all the way home from TJ’s about how horrible I felt, and I hope no one has made it yet.

      I wish he was my hairy being. Got the pic from creative commons. I’m still trying to talk my husband into a dog. Been working on it for 10 years.


  6. Tia! Good catch!! My husband bought it when he was at TJ’s a couple of weeks ago (hence, the exact reason he does not do much of my shopping). I will be returning it to the store or giving it to my neighbor pronto.
    I am so so glad that you noticed this because if I had not read that you used this in the recipe I probably would have read the ingredients very closely, but because you used it I would have figured it was safe!!! WooHoo and kudos to you for being the detective!! ;)
    And, mistakes happen all of the time. I have had my share over the years for SURE!!!

    • I’m glad I looked, too. I almost didn’t because you said you had it. I figured if you had it, then you read the ingredients before you bought it, so it was safe. :) I just happen to be at TJs picking up some milk and thought… Maybe I’ll look since I am right here and thinking about it. Then my whole trip home was thinking about the post I had to write as soon as I got home.

      I’m starting to feel like I need one of those military motos. Trust, but verify! ;)

      So, hopefully, no else is getting sick on it except me. And, I’m done with that.

      Tia :P

  7. Tia…I love this post, and I am sorry you glutened yourself. The last time I did this was early autumn last year – took a bite of something, swallowed, THEN read the label. I NEVER do that…well, except for that time. Lesson learned, and that’s really what it’s all about. Oh, and the sharing with others so they, too, can learn from our little “oopsies”. So, thank you for stepping up and sharing! The Flintstones were my absolute favorite cartoon, and Anne Margrock episode was my fav! I actually watched a couple episodes last week in the wee hours while dealing w/ the dental pain…hey, it was a great show! :-)

    Hope your fingers are healing quickly! My dr. told me to use vaseline when that happens to me, as the leading anti-bacterial ointment is prone to effect folks with multiple allergies. He says the vaseline works just as well…go figure.

    • Hi Gigi,

      That seems to be my theme lately… I ALWAYS do that (except the one time I didn’t.) ;) Thanks for the encouragement.

      And, I still remember the songs from the Anne Margrock episode even though I haven’t seen it in forever. :)

      I will get some vaseline. Wht’s funny is that sometimes the neosporin affects me, sometimes it doesn’t. Go figure.


  8. Hey Tia,

    We’re all human. :) Love your sense of humility. I put up a recipe once and said it was dairy free…then got lots of comments telling me it wasn’t. LOL. :)

    I was actually just thinking about you this morning…wanted you to know you’re in my thoughts. Sending lots of love.


    • Thanks for the comment and the love. Maybe you’re psychic since I was planning on making your recipe for pulled bbq chicken this morning. I get on my computer and there is your comment.