Elana’s Gluten Free, Chocolate Chip Cookies

gluten free chocolate chip cookies on sheet | glugleglutenfree.com
Cakey Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies! I love them. Almost as much as chocolate cake. Not quite. But almost. But, I am very picky about my cookies. I don’t like the Chips Ahoy! crunchy type. They’re ok, but just not my style. The flat, chewy kind, just out of the oven are good. Better than the crunchy ones, but it’s still not what I like. It’s probably no surprise, considering how I feel about cake, that my favorite way to have chocolate chip cookies is cakey.

And when I took the gluten free baking class that is exactly what we got. So, when I have the craving to be indulgent, I have my new go-to, gluten-free, chocolate chip cookie recipe.

But, I need something on the more healthy side. I love sugar. I have a sweet tooth. I am trying to get rid of it, but it isn’t easy. In the mean time, I need something that will satisfy it enough to keep from eating above said cookies all of the time. And, thanks to Elana at Elana’s Pantry, I think I have found it.

I can eat on the healthy side, and still be happy, as long as it’s close enough. And I love almonds, so this gluten-free, chocolate chip cookie recipe is perfect for me (and the Big Man). He loves these almost as much as I do.

gluten free chocolate chip cookies | glugleglutenfree.com

Now, don’t get me wrong. They do not taste exactly like the cakey, sugary cookies I hold so dear. These are chewy and are definitely made from almonds, but they still have a great indulgent taste of their own. The only somewhat bad ingredient is butter. (She has a grapeseed oil version if you are avoiding dairy/casein and/or are vegan. I haven’t tried it, yet. But I am seriously thinking about it.) Other than that, it’s agave nectar, almond flour, vanilla, baking soda and a dash of salt. That’s it.


Elana recommends very specific brands of almond flour for her recipes. I used a recommended one by Honeyville. It worked great.

Almond flour | glugleglutenfree.com

I also found out that you can use a crushed up dark chocolate bar if you don’t have chips in your house. I used my son’s wooden hammer to crush it up. Shhh. Don’t tell him.

Chocolate pieces and hammer | glugleglutenfree.com

So, my recommendation is if you like/love almonds and want to take away some of the guilt from your chocolate chip cookies, head on over to Elana’s Pantry and scare yourself up some of these cookies. It’s oh-so-worth it. Plus, they are really easy.

gluten free chocolate chip cookies on silpat | glugleglutenfree.com
gluten free chocolate chip cookies on silpat

gluten free chocolate chip cookies on parchment paper | glugleglutenfree.com
gluten free chocolate chip cookies on parchment paper

One note. As always, I just have to mess with things, and do it my way. You’d think I would learn when it comes to recipes. But, no. So, learn from me, again. Don’t use silpat. Use the parchment paper, like Elana says. The silpat worked ok. I just had to wait for them to cool, and they didn’t quite finish cooking. Parchment paper worked much better. See.

I hope you enjoy these gluten-free, chocolate chip cookies as much as I do. They are wonderful. Thanks, Elana, for making such a great recipe.

Until later, here’s to…Living better, easily!™

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3 Responses to “Elana’s Gluten Free, Chocolate Chip Cookies”

  1. Elana’s cookies are so wonderful! She brought them to BlogHer Food and kept us happy and well fed one afternoon, when no gf food was available. BTW, I really haven’t found the Sil Pat helpful at all. I thought I must be an anomaly … maybe not. 😉 Anyway, your parchment cookies look great! Love that Honeyville flour, Elana’s recipes, and your son’s handy hammer–great job, Tia!


    • Thanks, Shirley. And, just to let you know. I did not have to dig this comment out of the spam box. It went straight to where it was supposed to go.

      Bummer about the sil pat. I got suckered in to buying two of them when I went to that baking class. I bought so much stuff, but that is the only one I am questioning, now. We’ll see. Maybe into the garage sale this summer?