Food Allergies – $^&@#$

It suck to have an Egg Allergy |
Yep. Can’t have these no more.

Uh, yep. Food allergies suck. That’s how I feel. Well, I should say a I FEEL a bit better, now.

Let’s go back a bit. So, quite obviously, I have been gluten-free for a long time. Since the summer of 2006. I have never been officially diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I was looking for anything that would help after a lifetime of going to doctors and them just shrugging because they didn’t have any idea. Heard about going gluten-free, so I gave it a try. Almost overnight, I felt a million times better.

Fast forward to a few months ago, and a lot of my old symptoms started coming back. It sucked. I watched everything I was eating, and I know I wasn’t getting glutened. So, I went to a new primary care doctor I found online since we just got insurance again.

Somehow, the universe was looking out for me because I ended up with an amazing doctor. She totally supports my being gluten-free even though I have not had the gold-standard diagnosis.

Anyway, she ran an allergy panel on me. Tested for 185 different allergens by looking for igG.

While waiting for the information, my symptoms were getting worse. I would get so bloated and gassy starting around 2-3pm that I wold start to feel nauseous. It was way worse when I would lie down. So I would be up most of the night thinking I was going to throw up. My skin pealing on my thumbs came back. And I was starting to get itchy all over for no apparent reason.

When I got may panel back, it said I was VERY allergic to eggs, cow’s milk, brewer’s yeast and baker’s yeast. SUCK!

It suck to have a yeast allergy. |
Yeah, can’t have this stuff either.

Do you know what baker’s yeast is in? Um, just about everything. I can’t even have wine, soy sauce (GF), vinegar or citric acid. They are all started with yeast. And it doesn’t get filtered out. At least, everything I have read says they can’t say if it all get’s filtered out.

BTW, that “everything” I just referred to is not much. It is really hard to find any info on yeast allergy. All I get is Candida stuff. I don’t have a yeast overgrowth, so I am not worried about what feeds it. I just have an allergy.

So, I have spent the last 4 days ingesting almost nothing except green smoothies. Even cutting out all of the stuff I wasn’t supposed to eat anymore just wasn’t helping fast enough.

<I am so hungry.>

But it is working. I haven’t been itchy since Wednesday. Yay!

The gas and bloating have subsided, and I haven’t felt nauseous for a couple of days. Whew! After a couple more days I am going to slowly introduce food back in, and see how I react. Then if I stay better, I am going to slowly introduce things like vinegar and citric acid, and see how I react.

Seriously! I just miss condiments. They all have vinegar.

So that brings me to my next topic. I am moving Glügle Gluten-Free. Well, kind of.

See, my recipes (which I will now have to make everything myself) are going to have a lot more “free from” stuff going on. So, I am going to keep Glügle Gluten-Free up for my local consulting business, but everything else is going to move to the new site.

I am really excited about it, because I will also get to concentrate on my photography with it. I have always wanted to be a photographer. And I feel like this is a good excuse to really learn more about it and retain what I learn. (I took so many photography classes when I was younger, but I really wasn’t able to practice and keep up what I learned.)

For now, everything will be going up here. When the new site is up and going, I will let you all know and switch everything over. I am so excited for the new venture. I hope you all join me.

Until later, here’s to…Living Better, Easily!™

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