Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake Rules! (In My Opinion)

Gluten Free Cake with Ice Cream |

I love chocolate cake!

There. I said it. Or, wrote it. Typed it? Anyway, it’s out there. Of course, just about anyone who knows me, knows this about me. So, while most people lament the loss of bread when they have to go on gluten free diet, not me. I was going to miss chocolate cake. Other sweets are ok, but chocolate cake is my favorite. I don’t even eat it that often. But the thought of never having it again was just so sad.

I have since learned that making a cake from scratch is a good idea, but I’m not really a bake-from-scratch kind of woman. I’m lazy. Hopefully that will change once I take a gluten free baking class tomorrow. That is going to be fun and probably the topic of my next post, if all goes well. And even if it doesn’t go well, I guess.

So, I was uber (I love that word, right now.) excited about finding a gluten free chocolate cake mix by 365. But, as most of us know, 365 gluten free anything doesn’t exist any more. Which was disappointing because it tasted pretty darn good. But not disappointing because it had some crazy a$$ directions. You had to add certain exact quantities of certain exact things in a certain exact order. But it was worth it for chocolate cake.

Then I discovered Namaste Foods Chocolate Cake Mix.

Namaste Foods Chocolate Cake Mix

I think I just grabbed at the store one day and forgot about it in the cupboard. One day, when I really needed a chocolate fix, I looked up, and there it was. It was an Alice in Wonderland moment. I swear it kept saying, “Eat me.” I guess I had been hesitating, thinking it was going to be as cumbersome as the 365 one. Happily, it wasn’t. It was so easy. Seriously! Throw, almost literally, the mix into a mixer with oil, water and eggs. Turn on the mixer for a couple of minutes. Pour into pans. (By the way, notice the -s on the end of pan. The 365 only made one 9″ round layer. Had to buy two boxes to get a regular cake. Namaste Foods Chocolate Cake Mix makes two. Oh, yeah!) Put it into the oven. Lick the bowl. Take the cake out of the oven and eat. (I prefer no frosting. Just the cake.) And, it tasted great! I made it for my step-mother-in-law’s birthday, and even the gluten-abled thought it tasted great.

Namaste Foods Chocolate Cake |
The only picture I had with a made Namaste Foods Chocolate Cake – The Little Man Digging Into the Cake

Then, a few weeks ago, something fabulous happened to me. I met Alison St. Sure of Sure Foods Living. She was working at the Pamela’s Products booth at the Celiac Disease Foundation Conference. And she gave me a package of Pamela’s Chocolate Cake Mix to try. Heaven all over again. It was the same wonderful process. Just three ingredients, plus the mix. Stir it together. Put it into pans. Yes, the -s is there, again. Put in the oven. Lick the bowl. Take it out of the over and eat. This time, I made cupcakes. That way we could make them last a little longer. I’m not sure if it worked. But we did like the almond icing I put on top. Just used a regular recipe of vanilla icing, but I used almond extract instead of vanilla extract. (I looked for the recipe to link it, but I can’t find it anymore.) This also tasted great!

Pamela's Gluten Free Chocolate Cupcakes |
Pamela’s Gluten Free Chocolate Cupcakes

Pamela’s Chocolate Cake Mix is also what my step-mother-in-law used for our gluten free cake last weekend when I got gluten-ed. (It wasn’t the actual cake. It was crumbs from the gluten cake that got on it. You can read about it here.) It was just as good as a regular cake.

Gluten Free and Gluten Cake |
The Gluten Free Cake Is on the Left

So, here is my recommendation. If you like chocolate cake, need it to be gluten free, and easy to make, go for either Namaste Foods Chocolate Cake Mix or Pamela’s Chocolate Cake Mix. You can’t go wrong with either of them.

Oh, I’m really needing some chocolate after writing the word so many times. See ya!

Until later, here’s to…Living better, easily!

PS – I’m not paid to endorse anything. I got the Pamela’s Mix because they were being handed out at a conference. I purchased the Namaste Foods mix. They sent me two other mixes to review, but I will do that later. Just a teaser. It’s good stuff.

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  1. my blog has gluten free cupcakes today… 🙂 🙂

    I’ve been craving!

    thanks for the reviews of Pamelas & Namaste, I’ve wanted to try Pamelas… (I will look for Namaste…)

    this sounds delicious.

    have a fabulous weekend !!