Gluten-Free News You Can Use – September 16, 2001

OMG! It’s already halfway through the month. Anyway…

What a week! There are so many posts I want to mention, but it would take forever. So, I am going to try to tame it down and give you some highlights. First, let’s start with the recipe posts. Always good to start with a little nosh. Or big meal, as some turned out.

  1. Alisa of Alisa Cooks wrote about meatballs this week. Well, more specifically, Egg-Free Meatball Marinara. While her recipe is not gluten-free, it can be easily adapted, and she gives you notes on how to. Only one ingredient needs to be changed, besides the pasta it goes over. (Don’t you just love the influence we are having over her?) It sounds so yummy and easy, so I think it will be going on my list of dinners next week.
  2. Speaking of dinners for next week and pasta, Diane from The Whole Gang has a fabulous recipe for Lemon Garlic Shrimp Pasta. I love how this one doesn’t have a heavy sauce. Yum, yum, yum! Shrimp is one of the few protein sources that Max will eat, so this one can be for the whole family. Yay!
  3. Kelly from The Spunky Coconut has a simple but tasty recipe for Rich and Creamy Rice Shakes. She does a great video tutorial, and you get to catch a glimpse of the newest addition to her household. Cute! I had no idea that you should modify your diet when you are nursing. Maybe Max would have nursed longer and been a little more comfortable.
  4. The last recipe on our list this week is from the ever-wonderful Shirley of gfe-gluten-free easily. Pulled Chicken Salad and Lime-Cilantro Dressing. Since I am a huge cilantro fan, I will be making this one. I’ve noticed that people either love or hate cilantro. It’s like a political candidate. Shirley says she isn’t normally a fan, but she likes this dressing. Hmmmm. Maybe it’s not enough cilantro for me. I’ll double it.
  5. Alison of Sure Foods Living has some interesting news up. She talked to the folks at CPK (California Pizza Kitchen), and they have assured her that they are now working with GIG on their practices so they can be safe from cross-contamination once the re-introduce gluten-free pizza. Good to know.
  6. Hallie from Daily Bites has a new cookbook available called The Pure Kitchen. All of the recipes are gluten-free and dairy-free. And almost all are refined sugar free. I am really looking forward to this one. I have so many cookbooks, now. Hanging out with all of these food bloggers is great for my palette, but I have to really work on my waistline. 😉
  7. Lexie from Lexie’s Kitchen has a review and giveaway of Gfree Menu Planning Service. This sounds like it would be so, so helpful for a family trying to eat well but also on a budget. It doesn’t take long to plan a week’s worth of meals, and you get a shopping list to print up. Lexie said it only took her 10 minutes, as opposed to the 2-3 hours it normally takes her each week. Just to plan. Sounds like it would be worth the money, even if you don’t win. But you can win a 3 month subscription. Oh, and the brains behind a lot of the recipes is Carol Fenster. She has be doing gluten-free for a long time and has several cookbooks out. Hmmm. Think I need to enter this giveaway. If you do, go quickly. It ends on Monday, September 19th 5pm CST. (That’s 3pm PST and 6pm EST, for those that don’t want to do the math.)
  8. iPhone and iPad owners, Kim from Cook IT Allergy Free has her app (of the same name) on sale for the whole month of September. Only $3.99 for the iPhone and $6.99 for the iPad. Such a steal! Or, you can try to win one by entering on my last post, Cook IT Allergy Free App Review and Giveaway.
  9. Lastly this week, Heidi of Adventures of a Gluten-Free Mom has an amazing story up about Celiac Crisis: Rare or Rarely Recognized. I was so moved reading it. Even though I know she is ok now, I was seriously scared for her reading. You really should go a look at it. It could save the life of you or someone you know. Wow!

I hope you have a great weekend.

Until later, here’s to…Living better, easily!

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