How to Peel a Pomegranate in 5 Easy Steps

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Pomegranates are probably my favorite food. I could live on them. But, they have one major flaw. Peeling them.

They have this tough skin that gets hard as a rock if, God forbid, you leave them too long before getting around to peeling them. Try to peel that thing off without popping a bunch of the little packet of sweet, juicy flavor around the seeds. Thus, staining anything it touches. Good luck!

And, speaking of stains. The stains my fingers get from trying to peel these things drives me nuts. My fingers dry up and turns a pale, orangey color. Um, why?

I know I could get the seeds in a little container in the store, but that just seems so lazy and wrong.

And, I have heard several times that you just cut it in half and hit it with a wooden spoon. Then, all of the little seeds pop out like beautiful, red, magic rainfall. I’ve even seen Nigella do it on her show. I tried it, and I just ended up mashing the pomegranate and having little red dots all over my kitchen.

It was a pomegranate massacre. Should have had a white chalk outline around it and called CSI. Not really the outcome I was looking for.

So, if you are not a pomegranate whisperer, like I am not, I am going to share with you my technique for getting those pesky, but oh-so-tasty seeds out with as little hassle as possible. And, hopefully, as little stains as possible. Either red or orange.

How to Peel a Pomegranate in 5 Easy Steps

Step 1 – Don’t cut the pomegranate in half. Score it. Take a sharp knife and score the skin around like you would be cutting it in half, going around the top and bottom. (It’s easiest to go around the little nib at the bottom.)

Peel a pomegranate - Step 1.1 |
Peel a pomegranate – Step 1.1

Peel a pomegranate - Step 1.2 |
Peel a pomegranate – Step 1.2

Step 2 – Put the knife in the top to separate the top where the skin is thick.

Peel a pomegranate Step - 2 |
Peel a pomegranate Step – 2

Step 3 – Gently pull apart to separate the two halves.

Peel a pomegranate - Step 3 |
Peel a pomegranate – Step 3.1

Peel a pomegranate - Step 3.2 |
Peel a pomegranate – Step 3.2

Step 4 – Score each half in half (so you have quarters) on the outer skin. And gently pull it apart.

Peel a pomegranate - Step 4.1 |
Peel a pomegranate – Step 4.1

Peel a pomegranate - Step 4.2 |
Peel a pomegranate – Step 4.2

Step 5 – Get a big bowl of water. Use it to help you get the seeds out. Just have your hands in the water with the pomegranate quarters. Bend them back a bit and gently scrape out the seeds with your fingers. (I know scrape isn’t a gentle word, but I couldn’t think of another one to mean the same motion. Just be gentle.)

The bowl of water is especially helpful if you have an older pomegranate that has tons of yummy seeds but a skin that might as well be made of titanium. The water helps to make the skin more pliable to work with, as well as preventing the weird stains the skin causes on your fingers. Not a fan of those stains, if you hadn’t guessed.

Peel a pomegranate - Step 5 |
Peel a pomegranate – Step 5

Then, after the seeds are out, just sift through them to make sure you get rid of the icky ones and keep the good ones.

Pomegranate Seeds |
Pomegranate Seeds


Until later, here’s to…Living better, easily!

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12 Responses to “How to Peel a Pomegranate in 5 Easy Steps”

  1. Hey Tia! I’ve loved pomegranates since going on the POM Wonderful Blogger Harvest Festival Tour last October. They even sent us home with a plastic cutting board sheet on how to open a pomegranate. Their directions are here: I tend to follow their directions, but try to do everything in the bowl of water so that there are no errant juice squirts and stained hands while I’m cutting or pulling out the seeds. I love how the small “pulp” pieces float to the surface of the water, too. I think we all find what works best for us though. 😉 I’m sue your directions will help many. POM says they get emails and calls from folks all the time telling them they are doing it wrong. LOL

    I also freeze the arils by spreading them on a cookie sheet and then once frozen pouring them into a glass jar. Then I can take out as many as I want at any given time. 🙂 Good stuff for sure! I’m making a cocktail with some POM juice this week. Hopefully, my cold will be behind me so I can really enjoy it.

    Happy Saturday, dear!


    • That’s funny. Everything I found said cut them in half and bash them to get the seeds out. Didn’t work for me.

      I’ve been eating and peeling them the hard way for over 30 years. I finally had to come up with a quicker way once the Little Man fell in love with them. I just wasn’t getting him the seeds fast enough.

      I like idea of freezing them. Then I can have them all year round, instead of just in the fall/winter.

      The only reason I even put this up was because I am putting pomegranate seeds in my salad for Share Our Holiday Table, and I found myself writing it out anyway.

      I hope you feel better, very, very soon. And enjoy your cocktail!

      Tia 😛

  2. nicola @ gfreemom

    Great instructions! We are going through pomegranates like there is no tomorrow this end. We love them! I love Shirley’s tip on freezing them too. Perfect.

  3. Wendy @ Celiacs in the House

    Great minds. I did this last week for my Share Our Holiday Table soup post. So festive. A local blogger I met recently had her 5 year-old explain the how-to in a video on her blog. Too cute.

    • Did you? I missed it. Well, now I’m just copying people all over the place without realizing it. Sorry. If I had done a little more research, I could have just linked. I am going to have to look for the video, though. That sounds adorable. I just put it up because I found myself explaining in my next post and it was going to be way too long. Oh, well! 🙂

      Tia 😛

  4. Wendy @ Celiacs in the House

    Oh Tia, you are so funny. I did my soup early and haven’t posted it yet. The soup course doesn’t go live until the end of next week. My son is getting his wisdom teeth out and I wanted all my posts for the week ready to go so I could look after him. Beautiful photos by the way.

  5. Oh, where were you last week when I turned my kitchen into CSI? ;0) Good instructions, I’m going to try them next time.

    • I’m so sorry I didn’t post this earlier for you. Was it much hassle having those investigators in your kitchen? It really messed up my day. 😉

      It took me over 30 years to figure this out. Then again, I never worried about it before I had a 2 y.o. yelling at me for, “More pomegranate!” Over and over. 🙂 Had to figure out a faster way then just taking my time peeling one while watching t.v.