Wine/Champagne – No gluten. Enjoy!

Liquor/Liqueur – Contrary to some beliefs, liquor/liqueur is fine. Even if it is made with a gluten-containing grain, distillation removes the gluten, so it is fine. But if any flavoring is added after distillation, it may contain gluten. You can contact the manufacturer if you have any questions.

Beer – Traditional beer has gluten. Sorry, but it is off limits. For those beer fanatics out there, you do have hope. Manufacturers are realizing there are beer-lovers out there that can’t have gluten. Anheuser-Busch makes a sorghum beer called Redbridge. Also, there is Dragon’s Gold from Bard’s Tale, New Grist from Lakefront, and Gluten-Free Honey Lager from Ramapo Valley Brewery. And more are becoming available.

Malt beverages – Another thing to watch out for is malt beverages, such as wine coolers, hard lemonade, etc. Malt means barley, and that means gluten.

Cocktails – Now these are what you have to look out for. Get to know the ingredients of your favorite cocktail. And ask the bartender. The liquor is fine, but you need to know what the other ingredients are. Sometimes the strangest things are added for taste.