Modified Food Starch

Modified food starch is also sometimes used as an ingredient in processed food. In the US and Canada, it is usually made from potato, corn, or waxy maize. It can be made from wheat, but FDA regulations would require anything made in the US to have wheat listed in the ingredients, in a “contains” statement, and/or an allergen statement if the modified food starch was made from wheat. In Europe, it is a different story. Modified food starch made from wheat is more commonly used. In fact, in Europe, certain modified food starch made from wheat is considered ok to use in products labeled gluten-free. There is debate as to whether the amount of gluten in these products is safe for people with celiac disease. So, be sure to read labels carefully on products from Europe. You can try calling the manufacturer to find out if the modified food starch is made from wheat. If you aren’t super sensitive, you may be able to tolerate it. Or to be safe, you could just avoid it.