More Chocolate Cake! (Zucchini Muffins?)

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I lied to my son. It was minor, and it was to get him to try something good for him, but it was still a lie. I don’t feel very good about it. A lie is a lie, and I don’t want to start down that road. Each lie gets a little bit bigger until I am telling him big huge lies and justifying it.

On a good note, I tried the recipe for zucchini muffins exactly like I typed it last week, and it turned out great. This, really, has to do with the story, I promise.

So, here is where the lie came. We went to an event on Friday that had gluten free cupcakes. There were chocolate and vanilla. I grabbed a chocolate one to try, but the Little Man came running up to me saying, “Chocolate cake. More chocolate cake.” Since every time in the past I have tried to give him a bite of chocolate cake, he shook his head and said, “No.” (even after asking for it by name), I figured I would try to give him a piece. He would say, “No.” And that would be that. But, no such luck. Instead, he popped the piece in his mouth. And, before he could finish chewing, “More chocolate cake.” So, I kept giving him piece after piece until it was gone. I threw out the icing. I thought he had enough sugar.

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I never did get a chocolate cupcake. Luckily, the Big Man saw that other people were eating them instead of the gluten full cupcakes and grabbed the last one before anyone else could. It was the vanilla one. It was good, for a vanilla one, but it wasn’t chocolate. Bummer.

Anyway, the next day, I decided to try the zucchini muffin recipe again, since our CSA, once again, gave us a boat load of zucchini. I didn’t get the ran-out-of-corn note this time. Everyone got a lot of zucchini, I guess. As I said above, they turned out great. I cut one up so the Big Man and I could try it. Then here comes the Little Man, “More chocolate cake. More chocolate cake.”

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“No, honey, this is a zucchini muffin. Want to try.”


“Are you sure? Zucchini muffin?”


Here is where it happened. He was turning away to go back into the other room, and before I could really think about what I was going to say, out it came…

“Chocolate cake. Want to try chocolate cake?”

Bad Mommy. Bad, bad, Mommy.

Even worse. He came back, grabbed the piece, and ate it.

“More chocolate cake.”

I give him some more. This continues until half of the muffin is gone. It is his snack time, anyway, so I cut up another muffin and put it out for him.

All I hear is, “More chocolate cake.”

I’m not trying to shove the blame off to anyone else, but it would be nice if chocolate cake wasn’t referred to in almost every book he has or what few tv shows he gets to watch. We actually don’t have chocolate cake around the house very much. But, he has learned that chocolate cake is a good thing. And, it always tastes good. Even if it tastes like a zucchini muffin.

So there, that’s it. I lied to my child. They only get bigger from here. Do I justify it in my head by saying it’s to get him to eat a healthy muffin that he likes anyway? Do I promise to never tell a lie to my child again? I don’t know. I do know that I feel guilty. But, I guess it’s just the beginning of feeling guilty about things concerning my child.

But, just to let you know, I will tell him that there is a Santa Claus and Tooth Fairy. Those don’t count.

Until later, here’s to…Living better, easily!™

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10 Responses to “More Chocolate Cake! (Zucchini Muffins?)”

  1. Maybe you could add some cocoa powder to your zucchini muffin recipe…and kill two birds with one stone with a clean conscience! 😉

  2. LMAO, Tia! I will join you, I am a big, fat liar to my kids too!
    Here is how I see it, chocolate is in the batter, right? The zucchini muffin is in a cupcake liner (notice I didn’t say muffin liner)? Well then, it’s chocolate cake! Do we tell our kids that flour, eggs, etc. are in the muffins or cupcakes? No… so the zucchini is simply one of those side component ingredients!

    Do you want to book us a spot at the momma liars anonymous meeting, or shall I? :0)


  3. I’m getting the sense that I just need to get over it and accept that I am going to lie to my son. Move on. OK. I will try.

    Hey, sweetie. Mommy has some more chocolate cake.

  4. Celiacs In The House

    Ah, guilt and motherhood. . . they go together like chocolate and zucchini. Did our mothers tell us this? No. They were big fat liars, too!

  5. Mmmm those are divine. They look like sprinkles cupcakes! What a lovely decorating job.

  6. I’m totally in agreement with Heidi. We don’t tell others that we’ve added applesauce, olive oil, etc. The only exception would be disclosure for food intolerances/allergies and you’re the mom so you know completely what your son’s isues may or may not be. 🙂 Rock on, mom. You got your kid to eat zucchini and love it–SCORE! And, I agree with saretta, just add some cocoa and it’s not a fib. I even tell you how to turn your regular zucchini recipe into a chocolate one in my Chocolate Zucchini Bread post. Easy.



    • Well, I bought cocoa today, and then he asked for a muffin. Not chocolate cake . That made me happy. But he didn’t say zucchini muffin. 🙂

      Luckily, so far, he doesn’t have any issues. Just me.

      I saw your recipe for Chocolate Zucchini Bread. I have to get the other flours, but then I will be making it. Can I use other summer squash? I got a bunch of the yellow ones this time.

      Tia 🙂

  7. Tia–I’m way too late replying on this one, but the answer is I don’t know. If you use yellow squash, I’d avoid the seeds. I wll be interested to see if they work.


    • Actually, it’s perfect timing. The squashes are still sitting on the counter and are going to have to go, soon. So, I will try the muffins. Maybe with some cocoa powder. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

      Tia 😛