Moving on Up!

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This is it. While Glügle Gluten-Free website will stay up a running to support my gluten free consulting business in the Monterey Bay area, the rest is moving to Tia’s Kitchen.


Yep, I screamed that.

Sorry. I just can’t help myself.

Since I have decided to stop limiting myself to “gluten-free food” (which I totally understand is in MY head), my brain has been going gangbusters.

Ideas for recipes are just exploding out of my brain. I didn’t even realize I was limiting myself. Now, I am just making good food. And it just so happens to be gluten free, egg free, yeast free, etc.

So, Tia’s Kitchen will officially be open on July 16, 2014. Please come join me on a food journey that will be amazing.

It will be for me, anyway. I hope it will be for you, too.

Best Regards,


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