Responses to the News That Gluten Sensitivity May Not Exist

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So in my post I wrote last week about the articles that state that gluten sensitivity may not exist, I wasn’t very eloquent. In fact, I guess you could say I was VERY eloquent since what I really wanted to do was go smack every person who was claiming how happy they were they could tell all of their gluten-free friends they were just stupid. Just wanted to smack them in the back of the head and call them poo-poo faces. (I have little ones.)

Thank goodness there are people online who are more eloquent than I. Or at least they think, form complete science -backed thoughts, and take time to write well-supported arguments.

I call people poo-poo faces.

So, to get some better insight into the arguments and thoughts on the subject, please read these posts. They said it so much better than I.

Shirley from gfe-glutenfree-easily has a lengthy, but very wonderful and insightful piece. Are You a Celiac Snob? I Could Have Been a Celiac Snob. I REALLY recommend reading it.

She mentions Does Gluten Have Any Effect on Non-Celiacs? form Mark’s Daily Apple. I like his for the scientific information. Also, really good.

OK, well that’s two. But when I come across more, I will let you know. Please read both of these. They are helpful.

Ooooo, got another one. Gigi from Gluten Free Gigi has a great response. She really gets into the science and makes it much more understandable. Way to go!

Until later, here’s to… Living Better, Easily!™

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8 Responses to “Responses to the News That Gluten Sensitivity May Not Exist”

  1. I don’t think you were lacking eloquence at all, Tia. I was pretty furious, too, seeing those headlines, reading those articles that were mostly just regurgitations of what spiraled out of control, with zero research reference beyond that small article that was grossly misinterpreted. I hope you’ll check out what I had to say, too… I did use current research and pointed out a couple of significant conflicts of interest, too. And by the way, I am SO glad to see you back here!! 😀 ~ Gigi

    • Tia Hain

      OK, that was awesome. See, that is what I like. Good digging and dissection of scientific articles. I am finally able to get some stuff back up on the blog, but I find myself a bit distracted to really delve into the science. Thanks for helping me out. Glad to be back. Hopefully as the boys get older I can be back more. ~Tia

  2. Shannon Wilcox

    I don’t get my feathers ruffled over the ignorance of people. I am somewhat disappoint that a GI specialist would change his first response to gluten intolerance for a few dollars. Good thing he is not in the US. I hope Ausies have a better choice of doctors and ones that really read the issues of gluten intolerance and not go just by this doctor’s tests. I have family who scoff at me because I was not diagnosed by a doctor. They even think it is in my head or just not as bad as I think it is. The body does not lie. I know how much better I feel without gluten and I know how very, very sick I get when I eat it. With the Hashimoto’s thyroid disease that I have, it is suggested to go gluten free anyway. I am so thankful for the informative information Gigi that you provide for people like me. I cannot read and educated myself enough. Gluten Free is the best way for me 🙂

    • Tia Hain

      Oh, Shannon, you are better than I. My feathers ruffle a lot. Usually it is my husband that has to hear it all, though. So, sorry you don’t get more support. I am very lucky that way. My family has always been very supportive. Thank goodness! At least you have the wonderful gluten-free community to support you. People like Gigi and Shirley are amazing!

      I’m glad you feel better. I hope you stay that way.


  3. Deb Bruno

    I couldn’t believe when I heard that doctor speak. I have Celiac and so does my daughter. My grandson (8 years old) has all the signs but his doctor said he was fine. My daughter has put him on the GF diet, even though doctor said not to, and he is thriving so much better. We would sit down to eat with him and within minutes we could be guaranteed he would start to gag and throw up. The doctor’s put him on prescription medicine for gagging when he was about 3. I am so glad that my daughter listened to her instincts. We are all doing just great on a gluten free diet and have no desire to even cheat at all.

    • Tia Hain

      Hi Deb,

      Wow! I get so confused when I hear these stories. If he does better without eating a certain food, despite not getting the “perfect” results for the testing, why would you make him eat the food? Why would you give him a foreign substance (medicine) if it wasn’t absolutely necessary?

      I am so glad you and your daughter figured out what to do and were able to make life better for your grandson. Yay!

      I am so lucky because every doctor I have had has told me that if I feel better eating gluten-free then don’t eat gluten. No argument. No nothing. I always get geared up because I have not been “diagnosed” with Celiac Disease. I am just convince based on issues my whole life, family history on my mom’s side and the fact that I get really sick, lots of problems, if I eat gluten. But no doctor has questioned me, so far. Whew!

      Well, you all go! Be strong and gluten-free and have amazing lives.


  4. Thanks so much for sharing my post, Tia! It’s been really interesting (nice word) to see the response thus far to such a small study that obviously needs follow up and doesn’t prove at all that living gluten free is not beneficial. I’m ready to be done with it quite frankly. Folks who know that gluten free works for them, keep on keeping on. Those who wish to disparage us, we’re tired of you. Go focus on something else that better fits your wordsmithing skills (or lack thereof). Perhaps Kim and Kanye are more appropriate subject material. Thank you!


    • Tia Hain


      As always, I just love how you put it. I agree with everything you say. I just don’t understand people that make themselves feel better by putting people down that are not exactly like them. It just confuses me.