Ten Things Gluten Free (Started by Lissy)

While checking in on twitter the other day, I had a DM waiting for me. (For those who don’t use twitter, it means Direct Message, as opposed to a tweet. Only I could see it.) It was from Lissy at glutenfreelissy.com. She thought it would be fun to try to spread a meme around about being gluten free. I agreed, and so here are my answers. Please feel free to answer them yourself on your own blog and spread it around. Just for kicks!

Ten things gluten free

1. What’s your favourite gluten free snack?

Gluten Free, Dairy Free Chocolate Chip Cookies | glugleglutenfree.com

Currently, the gluten free, dairy free, chocolate chip cookies from Elana’s Pantry. (See earlier post.) I can’t get enough of them. Neither can my son. I had a picture of one up on my computer, and he stopped in middle of running through the kitchen, turned, looked at the picture, and started yelling, “Chocolate cookie! Chocolate cookie!” Took 5 minutes to convince him that it wasn’t real. Just a picture.

2. What sort of food do you pack in your bag if you know you’re going somewhere gluten free unfriendly.

I usually have Bumble Bars. They are great and full of nuts. But they are made with organic cane sugar. I am starting to notice that I get my heartburn back with even cane sugar. That’s why I am trying to switch to agave nectar and palm sugar. So, I have been getting a few different bars to try. I haven’t had them yet, though. So, we’ll see. I always like having almonds with me. I am a huge fan of the almond.

3. What happens when you eat gluten?

Well, that’s a big question. When I ate gluten regularly, I would have problems like insomnia, blisters all over my hands, skin peeling off, etc. I would get sharp, stabbing stomach pains about 3-4 hours after eating a gluten-heavy meal. Now that I have been gluten-free for about 4 years, if I get even a crumb, about 4 hours later, I feel like I have the worst stomach flu ever. So far, I haven’t thrown up, but I have a feeling, next time it happens, I will. The last two times it has happened not too long before I’ve gone to bed, so I wake up after a couple of hours and feel like I was out partying and drinking about 10 shots of tequila. Need-to-lie-on-the-bathroom-floor sick. But, both times I had only had one glass of wine. So, I think the combo just sent me over the edge.

4. What one thing do you wish you could get gluten free?

Right now, I am pretty happy with what I have available. I have been finding a lot of great recipes on some fabulous blogs that I want to try. But, I really don’t miss bread that much. A couple of weeks after stopping the gluten, I don’t really crave it any more.

5. What is the kindest thing anyone has done to accommodate your gluten free needs?

That’s hard. I have had a lot of people do wonderful things. My husband is always being wonderful to me. He doesn’t complain that we don’t go out for sushi. (I can’t eat the raw fish, anymore, so that doesn’t leave anything except rice.) When we got home from the hospital after our son was born, he made me a gluten free chocolate cake and had one delivered from a local gluten free bakery that he found. I had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant, so no sugar for six months.

I had my sister-in-law to-be (in a week) make a gluten free, flourless chocolate cake for the winter-birthday gathering. My birthday is in July. And she hadn’t met me, yet. Or any of us. This was her introduction to the family, and she shows up with this cake at the mountain cabin because I couldn’t have gluten. How sweet is that?

My MIL made the same cake for my baby shower. She got the recipe. My friends throwing the shower kept calling and asking me if this or that was ok because they wanted to make sure I could eat everything.

gluten free flourless chocolate cake | glugleglutenfree.com

Everyone has been so wonderful and accommodating to me.

6. What are some things that you think should be done to develop gluten free awareness?

It seems that we really need to educate the doctors. It needs to start with their training and lead on up to their professional journals, organizations, conferences, etc. Another thing that I think will help is the fact that there are three drug companies currently working on some type of drug to help. Although I would prefer people eat better instead of taking a drug, at least it will get the awareness to doctors. They always seem to follow what the drug companies tell them since they are the “squeakiest wheel”, so to speak.

7. What’s your favourite gluten free takeaway?

Since I am based in the US, it took me a minute to figure this one out. When in Los Angeles, it was Zankou Chicken. It is an Armenian restaurant that has fabulous garlic chicken, hummus, rice, lettuce, etc. And, they would give you a little container of crushed garlic to put on your chicken. OMG! So good! I miss it. But now, we have a wonderful authentic Mexican restaurant just down the road from where we live. It is so good. Family run. Just great people and great food.

8. Have your close friends and family ever forgotten that you can’t eat gluten?

Nope! Some times they get a little confused as to what it is in, but that has been getting better over time. They are always concerned to make sure I can eat.

9. Most random place you’ve seen gluten free food available.

The Melting Pot in Philadelphia, four years ago. It has been big news lately, but they have had gluten-free options for a while. When I was in Philly for training for a new job, this one woman and I decided to go off and have dinner without everyone else one night. We were the only married ones, and everyone else was doing the flirty thing. It was too much for us. Anyway, we went to The Melting Pot. I was new to the diet, and I thought I would be fine there. Just melted cheese, right? I didn’t order bread to dunk in it. Well, the woman I was with mentioned something to the waiter as another waiter was passing by. Our waiter looked at us dumbfounded. But the other waiter told us that we had to order a special version of the cheese dip because their regular one had wheat. Who knew? Not me. But he said to just tell the kitchen, and I would be ok. And I was.

10. What’s the most you have paid for the smallest amount of bread?

I stopped looking. I think it’s $6 – US. I just don’t want to know anymore. I am thinking of asking for a breadmaker this Christmas. Especially, now that my son is getting older and will be wanting more sandwiches for school and stuff.

Well, there you have it. My answers to the 10 questions. If you want, please copy the questions and answer them for yourself. I would love to see what people’s answers are.

Until later, here’s to…Living better, easily!™

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2 Responses to “Ten Things Gluten Free (Started by Lissy)”

  1. Hi Tia,

    Thanks for doing the meme. It was so fun reading your answers. I want to eat that cookie too. It looks delicious! I love it when gluten free food is yummy! And I have noticed a lot of my friends have gone from thinking gluten free is horrible to thinking it’s yummy. So that’s a win! Sounds like your sister-in-law is a keeper, that was just so sweet of her. I like people like that! And you’re so right about losing the urge to eat bread and how doctors need to be better educated about this condition. Thanks again.

    Lissy 🙂

  2. This is a great post. More people need to be informed about gluten and the effects on the body. I especially love Elana’s Pantry. I’d be interested to know what your favorite gluten free brands are. A few of my favorites are Tastybite, Amy’s, and Annie’s. Lately I can’t get enough of Tastybite’s Madras Lentils and Peas Paneer. My kids love them too! Thanks for posting such an informative article. Cheers!