The Best Coffee Shop in Pacific Grove, CA!

Best Coffee Shop in Pacific Grove, CA |

So, I just want to give a great big shoutout to The CoffeeWorks in Pacific Grove, CA. They are awesome! They are…

The Best Coffee Shop in Pacific Grove, CA!

They have amazing coffee from Santa Cruz Coffee Roasting.

They have FREE WIFI! (Always a plus for us folks that can’t accomplish any work at home because our 2 year old screams bloody murder if we leave the room.)

They have lots of tasty treats made by the owner. She has gluten-free zucchini bread available, but I have not had a chance to talk to her about her baking process. So I haven’t tried it. I stick to the gluten-free cookies in the sealed plastic.

They staff is amazing! They are so friendly, even though I come and steal their wifi almost every day for a few hours before I head to the library.

And, at 10am, the BookWorks opens. That is the bookstore that is attached to the CoffeeWorks. Lots of local books, local themed books (John Steinbeck, Monterey Bay, Big Sur, etc.) and lots of great staff recommendations to help you decide.

And they have a great selection of kids books. That’s important for me with the two kiddos.

So, so, so… if you live in the Monterey Bay area or are coming to visit, please go to The CoffeeWorks. You will be so happy you did. Even if it is just for a cup to go.

Until later…Here’s to Living Better, Easily!™

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