The Most Random Stuff Happens to Us

Well, I was working on a different post about Borscht, when we went on our daily walk. (I will finish the other post and get it up soon.) We were walking along and came upon something in the middle of the road. It looked like a turtle shell, so what could it be? It turns out it was a turtle shell with a live turtle still inside.

Turtle found in road |

So, we put the turtle in our bathtub while we were going to print up fliers to see if someone in our neighborhood is missing a turtle. But then it was brought up by MIL to put him in a box so he could be outside. So we did this.

Turtle in a box |
Turtle in a box

He seems happy, now. If turtles can be happy.

This is so weird. We might end up with a pet turtle if no one claims him. If that happens, maybe we’ll have a contest to see who names him. What do you think?

Until next time, here’s to… Living better, easily! ™

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