Video – Gluten-Free Tandoori Chicken Recipe

Gluten-Free Tandoori Chicken |

I LOVE India Food. Huge, huge fan. I just love all of the flavors. Somehow it makes things I would probably not normally like taste AWESOME!

And most of it is naturally gluten-free, including this gluten-free tandoori chicken. Of course, say no to the naan, but most of the rest of it is good to go. Which is good because I usually get it out. It has always seemed a bit daunting to make at home. (Always, always talk to your server about how the food is made. You don’t want to find out the hard way that you ended up at an Americanized version of India food restaurant that uses wheat because it’s cheap.)

So when I saw this video from America’s Test Kitchen about how to make Tandoori Chicken without a clay oven, I squealed with delight. I can do this. How about you?

YouTube Preview Image

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