Seeking Best Gaming Chair for Short Person as Desired

For short gamers, big grand gaming chairs can just “swallow” them entirely, creating endless discomfort during their gaming sessions.

Therefore, picking up the best gaming chair for short person can definitely be a great long-term investment for your friends or partner. 

Let’s consider how to get a fitting chair for short gamers! 

Why Regular Gaming Chairs Aren’t Ideal for Short People?

We frequently tend to select big things because of their benefits. But, this one is not entirely true to a gaming chair, especially for those who are short-shaped.

For short gaming players, oversized gaming chairs can be detrimental to their body posture in the long term.

Non-fitting width and height of a backrest will result in the neck pillow staying too high above where your neck should comfortably rest, causing the pillow to sit right behind the back of your head.

Over time, this can cause your head to slouch forward, creating neck pains and headaches.

Additionally, sitting in large gaming chairs requires more body energy to sit upright. Constant bodily exertion can quickly exhaust your muscles and all of your energy.

As a result, your back will become strained, giving you a permanent drooping body posture.

And not just that, slouching back can cause fat to accumulate around the waist area, making your waist muscles more fat, saggy, and weaker. This in turn will push your abdomen region forward, giving you a bad case of a beer belly.

Consequently, these will contribute to chronic pain and muscle aches, as well as premature stiffness.

Factors to Consider When Buying Best Gaming Chair for Short Person

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1. Size

First and foremost, pay close attention to how big your seat base and backrest are, as they will greatly determine your sitting comfort.

For those smaller aspiring gamers, a seat depth of 49 centimeters and a backrest of 80 centimeters should be a sufficient starting point for them to consider the chair.

You can try sitting on the chair before purchasing to make sure that it fits your posture. When leaning into the chair, your neck is comfortably placed, and you don’t have to strain your arms too much to rest on the armrests. 

In case you choose to shop online, you can also feel secure because most online stores will offer a virtual sizing guide based on your body measurements to optimize your user experience.

2. Material

Nowadays there’s a ton of material from which your chair can be made. With options such as PU Leather or fabric, you can be sure to find the one that suits you the best.

For PU leather, it is essentially artificial leather, and very common amongst the gaming chair market. This material often has a lower price; it doesn’t absorb water, is very dirt-resistant, and is super easy to clean.

Nevertheless, PU leather chairs are notorious for their inability to “breathe”  so it’s easy to feel hot and sticky after using them for a while.

Weaved fabric is much better at ventilation and lasts longer, but once it’s dirty, it’s significantly harder to clean. 

Secret Lab Omega series PU leath
Secret Lab Omega series PU leather gaming chair

3. Padding

The softer the padding the better that will be. This one is only true to normal gamers, not suitable short objects.

Buying the gaming chairs with super soft padding can make you “sink” right in, it can cause a lot of discomfort for shorter gamers.

Paddings that are too soft will provide no support for the lower body regions. Sitting in such chairs for an extended duration will reduce blood circulation to your legs, fatiguing it quicker and causing the feeling of your leg falling asleep.

A useful tip for you when testing out a new chair is to trying kneeling on the seat base. If you can feel the frame underneath the padding, that’s a sign of a gaming chair that is discomforting in the long term.

The same goes for paddings that don’t return to their original shape quickly enough.

4. Design

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Lastly, the best gaming chair has to provide you with comfort and flexibility. Due to these features, small-statured office workers will all make great use of these gaming chairs.

In such cases, however, a pink-colored chair or one that is too eye-catching should be avoided in order to fit it best with the corporate environment.

5. Additional Features of a Gaming Chair

Other additional features such as neck cushions or 3D armrests should also be considered.

They contribute so much to help you sit more comfortably during your gaming sessions, even more especially so for shorter gamers.

Some of the Best Gaming Chairs for You

With all that being said, we’ve picked out the chairs, which fit most of our criteria, and are great picks to consider:

  1. AKRacing Masters series
  2. OFM Essentials Collection
  3. Hbada Ergonomic Recliner
  4. Respawn 110
  5. Corsair T1 Race series


Having a suitable gaming chair means that you can just lean back and enjoy the gaming experience. It might take a little bit more time to get the best one, but it’s definitely worth it. 

We hope that this guide on how to pick the best gaming chair for short person can help you game comfortably and dominate everyone else.

Good luck, and have fun all you epic gamers!

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