Seeking Best Gaming Chair for Short Person as Desired

For short gamers, big grand gaming chairs can just “swallow” them entirely, creating endless discomfort during their gaming sessions. Therefore, picking up the best gaming chair for short person can definitely be a great long-term investment for your friends or partner. 

Let’s consider how to get a fitting chair for short gamers! 

Why Regular Gaming Chairs Aren’t Ideal for Short People

We frequently tend to select big things because of their benefits. But, this one is not entirely true to a gaming chair, especially for those who are short-shaped.

For short gaming players, oversized gaming chairs can be detrimental to their body posture in the long-term. Non-fitting width and height of a backrest will result in the neck pillow staying too high above where your neck should comfortably rest, causing the pillow to sit right behind the back of your head. Over time, this can cause your head to slouch forward, creating neck pains and headaches.

Additionally, sitting in large gaming chairs requires more body energy to sit upright. Constant bodily exertion can quickly exhaust your muscles and all of your energy.  As a result, your back will become strained, giving you a permanent drooping body posture.

And not just that, slouching back can cause fat to accumulate around the waist area, making your waist muscles more fat, saggy, and weaker. This in turn will push your abdomen region forward, giving you a bad case of a beer belly.

Consequently, these will contribute to chronic pain and muscle aches, as well as premature stiffness.

Factors to Consider When Buying Best Gaming Chair for Short Person

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First and foremost, pay close attention to how big your seat base and backrest are, as they will greatly determine your sitting comfort.   

For those smaller aspiring gamers, seat depth of 49 centimeters and backrest of 80 centimeters should be a sufficient starting point for them to consider the chair.

You can try sitting on the chair before purchasing to make sure that it fits your posture. When leaning into the chair, your neck is comfortably placed, and you don’t have to strain your arms too much to rest on the armrests. 

In case you choose to shop online, you can also feel secure because most online stores will offer a virtual sizing guide based on your body measurements to optimize your user experience.


Nowadays there’s a ton of material from which your chair can be made. With options such as PU Leather or fabric, you can be sure to find the one that suits you the best.

For PU leather, it is essentially artificial leather, and very common amongst the gaming chair market. This material often has a lower price; it doesn’t absorb water, is very dirt-resistant, and is super easy to clean.  

Nevertheless, PU leather chairs are notorious for their inability to “breathe”  so it’s easy to feel hot and sticky after using it for a while. Weaved fabric is much better at ventilation and lasts longer, but once it’s dirty, it’s significantly harder to clean.  

Secret Lab Omega series PU leath
Secret Lab Omega series PU leather gaming chair


The softer the padding the better that will be. This one is only true to normal gamers, not suitable short objects. Buying the gaming chairs with super soft padding can make you “sink” right in, it can cause a lot of discomfort for shorter gamers.

Paddings that are too soft will provide no support for the lower body regions. Sitting in such chairs for an extended duration will reduce blood circulation to your legs, fatiguing it quicker and causing the feeling of your leg falling asleep.

A useful tip for you when testing out a new chair is to trying kneeling on the seat base. If you can feel the frame underneath the padding, that’s a sign of a gaming chair that is discomforting in the long-term. The same goes for paddings that don’t return to their original shape quickly enough. 


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Lastly, the best gaming chair has to provide you with comfort and flexibility. Due to these features, small-statured office workers will all make great use of these gaming chairs.

In such cases, however, a pink-colored chair or one that is too eye-catching should be avoided in order to fit it best with the corporate environment.

Additional Features of a Gaming Chair

Other additional features such as neck cushions or 3D armrests should also be considered.

They contribute so much to help you sit more comfortably during your gaming sessions, even more especially so for shorter gamers.

Some of the Best Gaming Chairs for You

With all that being said, we’ve picked out the chairs, which fit most of our criteria, and are great picks to consider:

  1. AKRacing Masters series
  2. OFM Essentials Collection
  3. Hbada Ergonomic Recliner
  4. Respawn 110
  5. Corsair T1 Race series


Having a suitable gaming chair means that you can just lean back and enjoy the gaming experience. It might take a little bit more time to get the best one, but it’s definitely worth it. 

We hope that this guide on how to pick the best gaming chair for short person can help you game comfortably and dominate everyone else.

Good luck, and have fun all you epic gamers!

Best Mattress for Kids. Complete Guide

A mistake that so many people are making. Giving a child your secondhand mattress, or a low-quality mattress. This is because they are lightweight and doesn’t need a high-quality mattress? Or do they?

Kids are still growing, and they need their good night rest. The best way that you can ensure that they are getting a good night rest, is to make sure that they are getting the best possible mattress. Getting your secondhand mattress, when you purchase a new one for yourself, isn’t recommended.

If you deserve a new mattress, your child deserves one as well. This is why you should make sure that you are buying the best mattress for kids. And, this is the complete buying guide to find the best one for your child.

The Importance of Buying the Best Mattress for Kids

best mattress for asthmatic child

You need to make sure that you know why it is important to buy the best mattress for kids. And, why it isn’t recommended that you should choose a cheaper mattress for them.

Because a child is growing when they are sleeping, having good support is essential. This supports all the important parts of the body that is still growing. To become a strong adult one day.

The other reason is that when a child is sleeping on a high-quality bed, they are getting in a good night rest. Meaning that you as parents are also going to get a good night rest. When a child is sleeping better, he will wake up feeling great, and will not be crying all the time. Making it easier for everyone in the morning.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Kid’s Mattress

There are many things that you should consider when you are purchasing a child’s mattress. Especially, if you want to make sure that you are buying the best mattress that you can find. These are some of the things that you need to consider and to look at before you decide to purchase your child’s new mattress.

  • The density of the mattress. Experts are saying that how denser a mattress, the better it will be for a child. You can test the density of a mattress by how firm a mattress is when you press on it. The firmer the mattress, the better.
  • Is the mattress waterproof? Children are spilling on their beds. It can be with their bottles at night, or because of accidents when they are wetting the bed. This can be ruining a mattress very easily. Looking for a mattress that is waterproof, or that has a waterproof layer on, is the best thing that you can purchase for you and your child.
  • The price of the mattress. Something that you should take into consideration is that the higher the price of the mattress, the better quality you are going to get. However, you should make sure that you are taking your budget into consideration as well. You should purchase something that you can afford.

Some of the Best Mattresses That You Can Purchase for Children

best mattress for a child

To make it easier for you to choose some of the best mattresses for kids, you can choose any one of these mattresses. This is known as the best mattresses that you can purchase for children. Anyone of these mattresses can be purchased if you are looking for one of the best mattresses for kids.

  • Swiss Ortho Sleep Foam Mattress
  • Revel Custom Cool Mattress
  • Rivet Queen Mattress
  • Sealy Foam Bed

Conclusion. Buying the Best Mattress for Kids

best mattress for kids

You should never give your child a secondhand mattress. You should invest in one of the best mattresses for kids. You should consider how dense the mattress is, the price of the mattress and it is recommended that you are looking for a waterproof mattress to avoid that accident at night.

There are also a couple of great mattresses that are designed just for children, so purchasing one of them will be the best thing that you can do for your child. It is recommended that you are doing research, to find the best mattress for your child needs and age. Then you will not make a mistake in purchasing something that will not benefit your child in the long-run.

It is essential to make sure that you are purchasing one of the best mattresses for kids when you need to replace your child’s mattress. To just purchase the first and cheapest mattress that you can find, can do more harm than good. If your child is not getting a great night rest, you will also not get the best night rest as well.

So, it will benefit you as well as your child by purchasing a mattress that is high in quality and designed with children in mind. Take your time, follow this guide, and purchase a mattress that will ensure a good night rest, for you and your child.

What Size is a Futon Mattress

There are a huge variety of mattresses that you can purchase. Some are better than other mattresses, and for sure also more expensive. One of the mattresses that many people are talking about is the futon mattresses.

What is making these mattresses so special? And, what size is a futon mattress and where can you use one. Most important, is this a mattress that will give you value for money. With this guide, you will get all the information needed to know more about the futon mattress and the size that the mattresses come in.

What is a Futon Mattress?

what size is a full futon mattress

The first thing that you need to know and understand is what is a futon mattress in the first place. What is making a futon mattress so much different from other mattresses that you can purchase online?

A futon is actually a sofa that can double up as a guest bed as well. Along with the futon comes a futon mattress that is normally a specific size, and made from a specific material. A normal futon mattress is made from layers of material, such as organic cotton, wool, and latex. All designed to ensure durability, but to be comfortable as well.

Different Types of Futon Mattresses That You Can Purchase

There are different types of futon mattresses that you can purchase, so finding one that will fit your needs will be easier than what you might think. These are some of the different types of futon mattresses that you can purchase.

  • There are the standard US bed futons like a queen, King, Double, and single beds
  • Japanese futons
  • Western futons
  • Futon couches

With each type of futon, there are different types and sizes available. For example, with the futon couches, there is a different type of futon couches that you can choose from.

Benefits of Having a Futon Mattress

what size mattress is a futon bed

Before you can know which size futon mattress you can purchase, you might want to know why you should consider purchasing a futon mattress in the first place. The more you know about the futon mattresses, that include the benefits of having one, you will find it a lot easier to decide that this might be a mattress that you want to consider purchasing for yourself.

 These are some of the reasons why a futon mattress is known as one of the best mattresses on the market.

  • It normally has a low base, so it is child-friendly. If a child falls out of bed, they will not get as hurt as when they were sleeping in another bed.
  • The mattress is flexible and this result in saving space. You can only get the mattress if you need extra sleeping space. If you don’t have guests, you can roll up the mattress and store it away.
  • It is perfect for that multi-purpose room. Where you might need some extra seating space during the day, and sleeping space during the night.
  • These mattresses are a lot more affordable than some of the other mattresses that you can purchase.
  • The futon mattresses are designed to give better back support. Making it better to sleep on if you have problems with your back.
  • There is a mattress for any size bed or sofa bed that you need to replace. Making it easier to find a futon that will fit on your old base.

Complete Guide to the Different Sizes to a Futon Mattress

what size is a standard futon mattress

This is the complete guide to different sizes to a futon mattress. This is so that you can know what size mattress you should purchase. This is most of the different size futons that you can choose between. It is important to take your base into consideration before you can choose the size futon mattress.  With these sizes, it will also make it easier to find the right bedding for your futon mattress that you are ordering.

This is the only way that you can know for sure that you are purchasing the right size mattress, for your comfort, but that will fit onto your base as well.

  • The California King size bed: 72”x 84”
  • The king-size bed is 76” x 80”
  • The queen size bed is 60” 80”
  • The normal double bed is 54” x 75”
  • Twin XL bed mattress is 39”x 80”
  • The normal Twin bed mattress is 39” x75”

Not only is it important to know the size of the different futon mattresses that you can find, but there is also some other information about the futon that you should know. Especially, if you are looking for your very first futon, or if you have heard about the futon mattresses before, but you don’t have much information about it.

With this guide, you will have all the mattress sizes, but you will also get some of the other, essential information that you need to make the right decision in purchasing a futon mattress.