Best Soft Tip Darts for Beginners: A Critical Buying Guide for You!

This article will briefly introduce how to find the best soft tip darts for you. That being said, there is no one-size-fits-all for the best soft tip darts. It would be best to acknowledge that the best product for you will depend on your needs and requirements.

There are many crucial factors that you should consider before buying a soft tip dart.

As such, I’ve put together these buyer guides incorporating many important causes, and you can choose the tip dart that is appropriate for your needs.

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What Makes Good Soft Tip Darts?

When choosing a soft tip dart, there are some critical factors that might strongly affect your experience with tip darts.

So, it is a must to know which factors make good soft tip darts. Here is the list:

  • Soft tip darts board/ Quality set: there are many different types of boards according to your playing level. You must choose a high-quality and proper board to optimize your performance.
  • High-quality barrel: the barrel is what directly affects the throwing speed. Thus, whatever materials it was made from, the barrel has to be light and comfortable enough to grasp in your hand.
Soft tip darts board

Factors to Consider When Choosing Best Soft Tip Darts

1. Your Purpose of Using

What type of play do you tend to use the soft tip dart? Knowing your aim while buying is the most important factor overall.

Acknowledging the variety of purposes from the customers, manufacturers had designed many different categories of tip darts.

For instance, 95% tungsten tip dart, one of the most popular types, is designed for professional players or those who want to use it seriously.

If you are a newbie, using these types can be overkill then.

2. The Brand’s Reliability

The brand is an essential factor that players should also look at. It is obvious that the more prestigious brand can provide you with more reliable products.

So, before choosing an item, you should research more about the brand.

To be specific, we suggest you shop with a brand that mostly receives positive feedback and reviews, such as Harrows, Bottelsen, Viper, Nodor.

All reputable brands might have been tested carefully and licensed by authorized organizations, so the product quality can be guaranteed.

3. The Replacement Parts

Usually, amateur players think that the tip dart, which comes with many replacement parts, is better in quality.

However, if it is a great item, why do the manufacturers have to care about replacing and repairing, right? So, these tip darts are basic, mid-range tools.

In contrast, the high-end soft tip darts aren’t attached with many replacements because their components cannot be broken down easily.

So, please carefully think of the replacement parts before buying, especially when choosing for children.

4. The Barrel’s Material

Hathaway's soft tip darts

Barrel material is the basic component of any soft tip dart, so it’s necessary to check the barrel material. According to the using purpose, you may prefer particular material. 

Specifically, there are 3 common types of barrel material as brass, nickel, and tungsten. As brass is the cheapest and the most common among these three, it can be rusted quicker than others.

Besides, brass takes up much space on a tip dart which makes the brass-barrel tip darts pretty big. Meanwhile, the nickel barrel is firm, strong, but more durable than the brass ones.

For professional players, tungsten is the most preferable material because it takes up less space than the other two. Hence, the tungsten barrel is the best material for “grouping“, hitting darts close together.

5. Weight

Weight is another vital factor to look at when choosing a tip dart. As a player, you always want a light tip dart that you can grasp comfortably, right

As stated above, darts come in various weights, some even weigh up to 20 grams. The variability in weight can strongly influence your throw. The heavier your tip dart is, the more difficult it is to throw away.

As a professional, you can control your power and throw such heavy darts, but for some amateurs, this can be irritating.  

Briefly, whatever your preference is, you should be aware of the weight of your soft tip dart.

Best Soft Tip Darts of 2022

best soft tip dartboard

In 2022, there are some popular soft tip darts that are recommended by most users. Here are the top 5 products:


By this post, we have gone through some ultimate buying guides for the best soft tip darts. There are five factors as above that can affect the efficiency of your soft tip darts.

Before purchasing, we hope that you could see our article as a useful suggestion.

I hope you have an enjoyable soft tip darts experience!

Thank you for reading!

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