Can Rabbits Eat Dog Food: The Ultimate Guide for 2022

Rabbits, dogs, and cats. They are all domesticated animals that are common pets in many homes. Something that is important is to make sure that you are feeding these animals the right type of food. 

The problem that many pet owners are doing, is that they are purchasing dog food or cat food, and give it to all their pets at home. Even to the rabbits.

But is this something that you really can do safely? Or, is this dangerous to feed your rabbit dog food?

Before you continue with giving your rabbit dog food, you need to make sure that you read this, and find out if they really can eat dog food without any negative reactions. 

Rabbits and Dog Food: Is It Safe to Eat for Rabbits?

will rabbits eat dog food

Rabbits are herbivores. Dogs are carnivores. So, no it isn’t safe for a rabbit to eat dog food. In fact, it can be really dangerous for rabbits to eat dog food, because they will not be able to digest it properly.

And, there are going to be a lot of health problems that you are going to give your rabbit in the long run. Besides the protein, there are other ingredients in the dog food that is harmful to the rabbits as well.

You should make sure that the rabbit is only eating rabbit food. It can’t even eat hamster food. It is really important to make sure that the rabbit is only eating the food that is designed for their digestive system. 

Why Shouldn’t Rabbits Eat Dog Food?

As we said before, rabbits are herbivores and dogs are carnivores. Meaning that they have different food needs. The rabbit will not get the right nutrients from dog food.

And, there are some of the ingredients in the dog food that is dangerous to the rabbit and that will harm the rabbit in the long run.

Protein is something that a rabbit doesn’t need. But, this is the basic ingredient to dog food. The first reason why rabbits should not consume any dog food at all.

Even a small amount of dog food can be dangerous to rabbits. You might not see it immediately, but there will be some health problems because of the dog food and the ingredients in the dog food. 

Is Cat Food Fine to Eat?

rabbits eat dog food

If dog food is dangerous to rabbits, will cat food be fine for rabbits to consume?

Something that you need to know is that even if there is a huge difference between cat and dog food, it is still really dangerous to give to your rabbit. Especially the cat food.

There are ingredients in cat food that is harmful to dogs. Just think how harmful it will be to rabbits then? Especially, if they are eating it on a daily basis.

No, you should give your rabbit cat food either. It is even more dangerous than dog food.

Side Effects for Rabbits to Eat Dog and Cat Food

There are many health side effects for rabbits that are eating dog and cat food. You might say that they won’t eat something that is toxic and that might harm them.

However, this isn’t the case with a rabbit. A rabbit will eat anything that is in front of them. Even if this is poison and toxic.

This is why they will eat dog and cat food, even if this is toxic to them. There are many health problems that your rabbit will struggle with when he is eating any dog and cat food.

  • Intestinal distress
  • Obesity
  • Dental damage
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Kidney damage

How to Keep the Dog Food Away From Your Rabbit?

can wild rabbits eat dry dog food

It is important to make sure that you are keeping the dog food away from the rabbit. And, this also includes cat food as well.

You should lock the rabbit in the cage when the dog or cat is getting their food. Don’t open the cage and think that the rabbit won’t steal any of their food.

Automatic feeders aren’t going to be a great addition to a household that has a rabbit.

Then, the rabbit will be able to get to feed on the feeder. Harming the rabbit, by eating as many dogs or cat food as possible.

When you have a rabbit that is running free, you should just give the dog two feedings a day, and keep the rabbit away.


Can rabbits eat dog or cat food? The answer is a NO for sure.

There are many health reasons why it isn’t advisable for a rabbit to eat cat or dog food. You should make sure that the rabbit is eating the right food for a rabbit.

Greens, rabbit pellets, and carrots. Dog or cat food is dangerous and you might even kill your rabbit without even knowing it.

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